Week In Geek 5/23/16

Is it me or does the Week In Geek deserve some sort of theme song? I haven’t found it yet but there’s something there. As a matter of fact Geeklings, if you want to write a theme song for the Week In Geek and send it my way, I won’t stop you. I’ll even post it here and we can vote on it or something. Things to think about.

Any way, I hope everyone had a good Monday. I was unable to watch Game of Thrones (but that didn’t stop it from being some what spoiled *angry emoji face*), but I did get to watch Preacher which I thoroughly enjoyed. If you want to see how much you can check my Fan Fest review right here. But neither of those things are on this weeks Week In Geek. But if you look just a little further you’ll see just what this week has in store for us.

1. DC-Comics-RebirthDC Rebirth– It’s almost summer and you know what that means comic lovers, event season! Marvel started Civil War II last week and DC looks to follow suit this week with their new, one shot, that will give the DC universe a much needed face lift. If you asked most comic fans they would tell you that the New 52 was mostly a bust (outside of a select few comics), and DC has heard the complaints and is now looking to do something about it. Rebirth is supposed to streamline the DCU and make it more accessible to new fans (have you ever tried to just jump into a DC series? Ugh good luck with that) but also a way to reward long time fans. A way for DC to say, we haven’t forgotten about you. Most websites got advance copies of the book and all the reviews have been glowing, and I’m looking forward to diving into it on Wednesday (maybe after my morning walk. Morning comics set the tone for the day). DC is looking to give us something fresh and I’m hoping it’ll open the door for me to read more of their comics (looking at you Flash and Suicide Squad). The New 52 is dead long live the Rebirth!

2.x-men-apocalypse-launch-quad-poster X-Men: Apocalypse– Captain America: Civil War kicked off summer movie season and memorial day is looking to capitalize on that Marvel movie goodness with the release of X-Men: Apocalypse. While the reviews have not been so stellar it hasn’t detoured me from wanting to see it. Especially when you consider how good Days of Future Past was. Ever since Last Stand the X-Men movies have been judged pretty harshly (and to some degree that’s fair because that movie opened the door to Wolverine: Orgins which was hot garbage). I have faith that Apocalypse will be entertaining but won’t live up to Days of Future Past. I just want to be entertained though and get some mutant goodness in. Young Jean Grey has me excited (she’s my favorite X-Men) that maybe they can do the Dark Phoniex saga properly this time around. Oh, and be sure to stick around after the credits as I’ve heard the scene is supposed to set up the next Wolverine movie as well as the next X-Men movie. Hmmmmmm

3. 17059277._SY540_16131484Trilogy enders– Two book series will see their endings this week as City of Mirrors will be concluding the Passage trilogy and Infinite Sea will be closing the 5th Wave trilogy. I’ve been looking forward to both of these books for quite some time, City of Mirrors especially, and they should be the next two books I read after I finish The Fireman. Books, books, books, books…

4.the-flash-tv-series-review The Flash season finale- The last four weeks of The Flash have been fantastic. With a guest directing spot from Kevin Smith and just fantastic character development and story progression, the build for the season finale has been tense. After the events of last week (*tear emoji face*) I’m curious to see in what direction Barry goes in his battle with Zoom. I wish there were at least five more episodes to fully explore that. I guess I’ll just have to download some off of itunes and watch and re-watch all summer. Man, my life is hard.


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