An Origin Story Of Sorts

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve turned over Tuesday’s to my sister, Jennifer, who has greatly enjoyed writing columns here. I’ve found her posts to be entertaining and a fun way for her to explore just how deep her geekiness runs. While I’m not giving away Jennifer’s Tuesday spot (she made sure to make that clear) I did want to reach out to see if someone else wanted to write today and my mother responded to the challenge.

I’ve always believed my mother to be strong in the ways of the geek, and sometimes I think she just needs a nudge. It’s almost like I know she’ll like it before she even starts and usually takes a conversation or two before she’ll look into getting into something. This happened with Breaking Bad (which she consumed/loved) and most recently Game of Thrones. I had been telling her for ages (and during season three more or less explained everything that was leading up to the Red Wedding. Clearly she had no idea what I was talking about, who would, but to her credit she was engaged and willing to listen) that she would love this show, and it took a hungover Sunday (my hangover not hers) where I forced her to watch the first three episodes. Needless to say she is anxiously waiting for me. My mother is funny though, as she can only throw her interest into one thing at a time. Which I guess allows you to focus solely on the one subject where as I just need to consume everything….all at once…right now.

When I asked Moms to write today’s post she was nervous and excited, and asked me what she should write about. I gave her complete freedom to discuss whatever she wanted. That geek blood runs strong in this family and I wanted her to explore whatever it was that came to mind. So, here it is. In some ways this is Kevin’s geeky origin story as well as being my mother’s geeky coming out party. Enjoy the read Geeklings! See you tomorrow!


So being asked to write this post is a honor. Being the geek’s mother says a lot of who Kevin is, and I guess a bit about myself as well. It all started with Batman and Robin. I was in love with that show! I watched it every week without fail and I loved the super hero fighting scenes in hopes that they would save us and destroy or put away the evil villains.

When Kevin was born  I read a lot of stories to him and he loved hearing them over and over again. As he got older I got him into Spider-Man. Kevin’s second birthday was all about the super hero who shot webs to whom ever. I guess he got his start in geekiness from me.

Two years ago I lost the best part of me and, let’s say, lost my way. One day my geeky son told me about a series he was watching called The Flash. He talked me into watching it and after the first episode I was hooked! I couldn’t stop. I couldn’t accept calls. I couldn’t even remember to feed the dog. Whoops! The show was amazing!!! I would text Kevin during different episodes, but there was one that I had to stop watching.  Yup, I shut the TV off and was so upset as they had killed off one of my favorite characters. I was so upset.

Then it occurred to me, I got my geekiness back, and that made me smile. Thanks Kevin for helping me out of a dark place, and on to new exciting adventures like Arrow (oh yeah!). The love I have for this green masked man is strong! But let’s not forget Felicity because she owns the show. Today I even went as far as buying a super hero t-shirt. What’s that about?!?!

Being  the geeks mom is super special because he has opened new adventures for me, and allows me to see the world geek land style . Before I say goodbye let me leave you with a song, “Mrs. Jones, we got a thing going onnnnnnn” Oh wait! It’s Jessica Jones! I’ve only watched one episode but she’s one dark lady and I am on her adventure now.

It was a honor to visit with you all, till I get invited again.

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