Week In Geek 5/30/16

As this Memorial Day Weekend draws to a close I’m just about caught up on the rest I’m going to need for this week. Last night I had my whole evening planned and then Game of Thrones ended and I debated for ten minutes whether I wanted to read my book or a comic and woke up three hours later with a dead fish for an arm. I haaaaate pins and needles. Well, I hate when all the blood rushes back into the dead limb, because outside of listening to Daughtry records on a continuous loop, it could be the worst pain ever. The long and the short of it is I got nothing I wanted to do done last night. Unless you count sleeping as a thing. I certainly needed some rest.

Today was a different story. I read some comics, read a healthy chunk of book, did my laundry, and pretty much watched the entire first season of Game of Thrones with my mother and Michael. Let me tell you, that has been a freakin’ treat. They just finished episode nine and let’s just say Mom isn’t doing so well. But who among us were doing “well” after episode nine? I think she’s hooked.

Our work week may start tomorrow (at least for some of us) but our Week In Geek starts today. Let’s get to it

1. Bread Pants– While Game of Thrones didn’t believe in taking off for the holiday, John Oliver did, but not without leaving us a three minute video about why certain things don’t exist. The major non-existing thing… bread pants. Pants you can just eat when you spill things on them. Seriously, how is this not a thing? I would probably buy a pair of bread pants at least once a week. You can check out the other things the world needs below.

2. Civil War II #1– Civil War II is two issue #0’s in to it’s run (there was one for Free Comic Book Day and another to actually kick off the series) and this week will bring about technically the firs issue. The second issue zero to come out was a bit wordy with very little action, which is something I found surprising. It’s not saying the book was bad, it was good, but it didn’t have the flash I was expecting. Maybe because it was issue zero it was seen as a prologue? But most prologues have that scene of action that draws you in for the rest of the book. I expect issue one to introduce not only Iron Man to the conflict (he’s the leader of one of the opposing sides) but maybe give us something to fight for. Yes, we know that the main conflict is sort of a Minority Reportesq story line but we need something to make us care. Talking is fun to set the board but it’s time for some action. I am looking forward to the book though.

3.binge-watching-3 Summer Binge Watching- As of last Wednesday, all my weekly shows wrapped up their yearly runs (outside of Orphan Black and Game of Thrones) which means that it’s time to start prepping my summer binge list. I still have my eyes set on doing The 100 and as well as finishing the fifth or sixth season of Archer. I’ll have to turn my attention to my DVR at some point to make room (for the return of Mr. Robot in July), and that means trying very hard to get through Legends of Tomorrow and the back half of Agents of SHIELD. Plus I promised my sister and her husband that I would give Rescue Me a chance if they started Game of Thrones. I’m already running out of time… Yay summer binge watching!

4. Rebirth: Batman– Last weeks DC Rebirth has been one of the best comics I’ve read in a long, long time. It was just awesome and has me excited about a number of DC books for the first time ever, really. Batman is a little tricky for me because I have a tough time believing the new writing team will be able to maintain stories as incredible as Scott Snyder but I’m willing to see them try and see how Batman falls in this new DC universe. Or is it the old DC universe? Or is it the old and the new universes coming together to create something entirely new? I don’t know what it is but I’m definitely interested in finding out.

5. gameofthrones23Mom is watching Game of Thrones– When my mother starts binge watching a show it’s one of my favorite things ever. Granted, there is a lot of cursing to express her love, but she invests hard and always sends excellent text messages. As I’m writing this she is currently wrapping up season one, and as we know it only gets worse from here. Looking forward to seeing the toll it takes on her. This is just as much for my enjoyment as it is hers.

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