Game of Thrones Or Bust

game of thrones fan art ertacaltinoz deviantart

Hey Geeklings, here’s hoping you’re all enjoying your long weekends! I think I might have been enjoying mine a bit too much, not to mention I started celebrating on Thursday, as my body is feeling a wee bit beaten up. The sad thing is I’m not getting any younger and three days of staying out way past my bedtime as well as consuming adult drinks, has caught up with me hard today. I don’t feel so much hungover as I do run down. I just need to kind of re-group.

I thought earlier that I would be into day four of whatever it is I’m doing, as I got to my mother’s house and was immediately handed a pina colada which I’ve grown to appreciate as I’ve gotten older. I’m not so big on the rum (too sweet for me) but a frosty cold beverage made with love… yeah I got on board with that. I want to say that I had three before I realized I needed to make an important life choice.

Today is Sunday and since Game of Thrones doesn’t believe in celebrating holidays (unlike John Oliver who is off this week #boo) there’s a new episode coming our way tonight. As I processed the road in front of me I saw that I had two options. Option one was to have another pina colada and let things fly for a fourth day. I’m off tomorrow and the only thing I have planned is some cleaning and laundry (oh, and reading my book… and some comics…and watching Game of Thrones with Moms… I have some things planned I guess). As inviting as that sounded my body kind of spoke up with, “are we sure we really want to do that?” And I couldn’t really argue with it. Was that something I really wanted to do?

My other option was to not drink any more pina colada’s, continue being social, and then eventually make my way home to watch Game of Thrones and read my book and some comics. Maybe even put Guardians of the Galaxy on in the background. It’s been forever since I last watched and I feel that I’m way overdue. Honestly the chances of all these happening are pretty slim but I like to keep my options open. For example I could put Guardians on while I read some comics. That way I’m doing two things at once.

But yeah I decided to wave a white flag and headed for home, and I’m really happy with my choice too. I kind of orchestrated my whole day off around being able to come home and watch Game of Thrones in my chair with Hudson the Cat. I’ve been all types of social this week and I could totally use tonight to hit the reset button and get some much needed rest. I mean, I’ll also use my time to try and process whatever horrors that await my soul on GoT but that’s another story. In other news I bought a new Shirt Punch shirt today that is inspired by last weeks episode. I love it but it also breaks my heart. I’ve been waiting for them to drop this shirt all week. Take that Amazon is just saved twenty bucks! Boom!

As I’m finishing this post up and waiting for my ipad to finish it’s newest update, I love it when it does that because my storage usually ticks up afterwards and I’m constantly worried that all of my comics are going to run it dry, I am in complete relaxed mode and just hope my eyes are willing to stay open long enough for me to get some reading done once the show ends. Time to slip in some me time before this weekend comes to a close. And as far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Enjoy the rest of your weekends, see everyone tomorrow for a new Week In Geek.

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