A Geeky Memorial Day (A How To)

Memorial Day weekend is one of my favorite weekends of the year mostly because it signifies the kick off the summer (and this obvious statement is brought to you by the season Summer). That time of year where I can wear flip flops and people won’t ask me if my feet are cold (I try and wear them as long into the year as possible. Once made it into January comfortably), and my t-shirt game is in full effect (todays is a New Hope inspired Game of Thrones). Summer my friends, that’s where it’s at.

The problem with this weekend though is it doesn’t really offer us a lot of time to dive deep into our geeky endeavors.  For me personally, I haven’t stopped moving since Thursday, as a matter of fact I think in the last two days I’m working on seven hours of sleep… tops. Which worries me about my endurance for BBQ weekend. It’s like I keep telling myself you can do this, you can do this, but I am not in my 20’s anymore and at some point my body is just going to say, “nope”.  I can only  hope that when it does I’m at least outside by a fire. Well, fire pit. I don’t want to give the impression that I’m just setting fire to things and falling asleep by them. I’m pretty sure that’s a crime (I know it’s a crime) despite how awesome it sounds.

With all the socializing on the agenda for this weekend we should find a way to incorporate our geek time.  “But Kevin, how can we do that? I want to be geeky and socialize too? Tell me how great geek overlord.” Alright, I shall bestow my knowledge upon yous.

First, don’t be afraid to spark up geeky conversations. These are key because it’ll let you indulge in geekiness plus share it with another person, which is always the best. For example, you find yourself at a BBQ and you’re stocking up on some shrimp or pasta salad (both of which I could totally go for right now as I am starving) and across the way you hear someone say “Hodor”, it is totally acceptable for you to “Hodor” in a sad voice acknowledging the awfulness that was last Sunday. And boom Game of Thrones conversation.

You could always wear geeky attire. It’s summer so feel free to break out your Captain America bathing suit (something I’m thinking about buying… too much?) or, ladies, your R2D2 bikini. If it’s not warm enough for swim wear then t-shirts or hoodies are fine too. I find that these are easy door openers to geeky conversation. Last night I was rocking my Suicide Squad t-shirt, and it got a bunch of comments as well as sparking a solid conversation with my neighbor’s boyfriend whose geek levels are strong. I think I want to keep him. One of the things I’m most proud about is my t-shirt game (which has been well documented) as it allows me to be myself as well as giving other, possible closet geeks, an opportunity to come out by commenting.

There are other methods to squeeze in a little bit of geek time. Sitting outside bring out the book your reading and slip away for a bit. Next to reading in airports (which is something I love), reading outside is like, totally, my favorite thing you guys. You’re outside, the suns out, possible water close by, and it’s you and a story. Best feeling. Oh, if you need a book I can’t suggest The Fireman strongly enough. A little more than half way through and insert girlish screams of glee here.

You know what else you can read outside… comic books!!! This is a little bit tougher for me because my super expensive comic book reader (*ahem* ipad *ahem*) doesn’t read so easily in the sun. Good thing that’s what shade is for! I don’t use umbrellas because…summer reasons.  But if you’re going to be sitting poolside for a bit and looking for something to venture into quickly that’ll make you happy, then bring a stack of comics (or ipad) and get to cracking. I’m currently pretty backed up on my monthly books (I’m making a dent. Don’t worry I’ll eventually catch up to Spider-Man) but I still found it possible to buy Flashpoint and Black Widow vol. 2 for this weekend. Honestly though, I’ll probably only get throughFlashpoint and some monthly books. Just being a realist. If you want a comic to read though it should be Rebirth because it’s awesome is all types of crazy town banana pants. I haven’t read the new Captain America yet but that twist has me super annoyed/angry/perplexed but also has my attention.

If you’re doing the ipad thing you can also bring some headphones with you and sneak some Netflix and sun. This one is a little tougher but watching programs outside is kind of fun. I say maybe even wait till you start a fire (again, in a fire pit) and watch an episode of whatever it is you’re binging.

The point here Geeklings is just because you’re going to be busy socializing it doesn’t mean you have to repress your geekiness. Let it fly. Find ways to incorporate it into your weekend, who knows you might make a new friend at a BBQ because they felt the sadness in your voice when you said Hodor (oh god, these wounds are so fresh…). Don’t be afraid to spark up conversation or slip away for a minute to read whatever medium you see fit. Just because it’s the kick off the summer doesn’t mean you have to suppress geeky tendencies. Be the awesome geeks that you are, and be safe! Because before you know it winter will be coming so you might as well enjoy the sun.

And if all else fails just go see X-Men: Apocalypse 

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