Week In Geek 7/4/16

A very happy Fourth of July to you Geeklings. I just signed on and it told me that this will be my first post in five days and that feels all types of wrong. But I did that math and the site’s not lying to me. I’m just slacking lately. That’s on me. My writing schedule over at Fan Fest has kind of lightened up (until next week that is) so I’m going to try and focus a bit more here. And what better way to get the week started than with a brand new Week In Geek

captain marvel1. Captain Marvel– One of my biggest problems with Comixology (and I wouldn’t really constitute it as a problem although my wallet would argue) is when they have these massive sales on books that I have interest in,  because I feel compelled to buy them. This happened over a year ago when I bought the first volume of Captain Marvel. I had experienced the character through crossovers and Avenger books, but had not really sat and got to know her. Well vacation finally made me pull the trigger on that as I steamed rolled through this first volume, and have developed a wee bit of a crush on Carol Danvers. The story telling was light and at times very funny. Carol is a crazy cat lady too which totally makes me the demographic for this book, and she spent some time with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Yep I’m in. Not only did this book make me excited for the next volume (there’s a multiple issue cat story!) but the movie and a possible cameo in Guardians 2.  Plus if Brie Larson doesn’t play her in the movie I’m going to be super disappointed. She seems kind of perfect for the roll.

2. Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy– Allow me to state the obvious here. Last night I was feeling a smidge lonely and a bit more listless, and didn’t know what to do with myself. I was in the mood for a Batman story but refused to commit to the extended edition of BvS (although I hear it makes it a better movie. Ugh why would you tell me that interwebs. Now I have to watch it), and then I started to think. “When is the last time I watched the Dark Knight?” I couldn’t think of the answer so I threw it on and was just reminded at how freaking awesome that film is. I know DC movies take a lot of shit, and I don’t consider Nolan’s work to be a part of the DC movie universe, but these three movies are just on a whole other level. BvS should have taken some notes. I even started Dark Knight Rises (which I also think is a great film and would have been perceived as even better if Dark Knight didn’t exist) to kind of round it out. Watching those movies back to back just enhances the experience. I’m totally watching more DKR tonight. This should hold me over until Suicide Squad drops.

3. Preacher pop vinyls- I’m doing this new thing with my pop vinyl collection. I’m collecting figures for shows I cover at Fan Fest. So far I have a Saul Goodman (that I keep on my desk at work to remind me about this writing thing), I already had a number of Orphan Black pops, and the next logical step is some of these Preacher pops (which I might add look all types of awesome). I don’t know how to explain it but it helps keep this writing dream alive and inspires me a bit. Plus I just love collecting pops. Next on the list will be Mr. Robot which is my smooth way of telling you that I’ll be covering season two for Fan Fest. What what

4. New Berserk anime trailer- Anime was never my bag. I’ve tried but find I can’t get into most. I was watching Attack on Titan (which I dig but haven’t watched in quite some time… I’m lying. I watched an episode last night but just wasn’t feeling it) and I dug it but I drifted off. The only anime to ever hold me interest was Berserk which even translated to me reading the graphic novels (which now that I think about it, I have to seriously catch up on). Well they’re going to be doing a new anime series that looks to be more focused on the second story arc (post the first anime) and that has me all types of excited. Not to mention it looks awesome and violent and dark. The recipe for anything good. Plus Guts is such an interesting/tortured character. I’ll be looking forward to going back to that universe.

5. Penny Dreadful on Netflix– This is something I’ve been interested in watching but since I don’t have Showtime I haven’t. While in my listless state last night I discovered that Netflix is now carrying a number of Showtime shows. I tried watching the first episode, and was actually enjoying it, but was too scatter brained to really get into it. Until then it’ll remain on hold but I’m happy knowing that it’s an option for me now. Also if Netflix reached some kind of agreement with Showtime maybe Homeland will show up in the stream too. I’m like two seasons behind on that. I kind of miss that cry face yo.



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