What to Binge?

Summer is in full swing and with it should come my summer binge watching extravaganza (name pending and I just wanted to add that I spelled “extravaganza” correctly on the first try. This felt like something that merited bragging. I originally used the word “spelt” instead of “spelled” but Google tells me that “spelt” is a kind of wheat. This felt like something that merited mentioning). In summer’s past I’ve sat in my Fortress of Nerditude and binged shows like Orange Is the New BlackArcher, and The Flash a show I swore I would only watch through it’s re-runs before realizing I had just bought the whole damn thing from itunes. I have zero patience when I’m addicted to things.

This summer, unlike summer’s past, I’m faced with a bit of a problem. I haven’t the slightest clue what to binge. Like, I  can’t figure it out at all. Truth be told I just want to watch the last four episodes of season two of The Flash and maybe hop around Game of Thrones a bit, but that’s not going to satisfy my binge needs. I even thought about re-watching something. Three years ago I finished my great re-watching of LOST but this year the only thing close would be Breaking Bad and I’m not quite there yet. So this begs the question Geeklings, what do I binge? Yes I’m turning to you.

Here are some of my options. I’ve never watched Battlestar Galactica and I’ve heard all types of wonderful things. I’ve even tried to watch the intro movie/event thing years ago but didn’t get through it. In my defense I put it on at eleven o’clock at night or so. That attempt was doomed since jumped street. Battlestar seems like something I should be watching, or should have watched already, and that makes it a leading candidate, but I think I’m feeling kind of lazy. Well, maybe not lazy, just listless. I need someone to say watch this because and I’ll be like of course I should be watching this! Duh.

A part of me wants to get back into Orange is the New Black (I haven’t watched the last two seasons) but I’m not totally sold on that either. I wasn’t crazy about season two and I guess I could give the third season a try, but I don’t know. It just doesn’t have my heart. Same with Narcos. I love stories about drug cartels but I haven’t spoken to anyone who has actually watched Narcos.

The Wire is something that I’ve always wanted to watch but man does that seem like a commitment. I watched the pilot years ago and there was a shit ton of things going on. I haven’t been back since but am fully aware that it’s considered one of the best television shows ever.

Penny Dreadful is on Netflix now and that could have promise. I haven’t watched anything legit scary in forever. Over the weekend I watched half of the pilot and I dug it, was just feeling listless. I guess I could give that a shot (Have you noticed that the common theme here is how listless I am?)

See this is the problem Geeklings, I don’t feel committed to anything yet. Something hasn’t grabbed the front of my shirt and said “you need to watch me because I am awesome“. Help me. What do I watch? I’m open to any and all suggestions so feel free to drop a line in the comments. Help me find my summer binge. I’ll give you full credit if it turns into an obsession. Best promise.


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