Book Shelf: Reading Agenda


My reading schedule is all jammed up Geeklings and I’m slightly annoyed and confused with what path I should take. Here’s my problem.

I am currently reading the final book in the Chaos Walking trilogy (and I’m loving it) and I think I’m about 70% through it according to Gandalf the Kindle. If all things go according to plan I should have the book finished no later than Sunday. I think. I’m planning on going home tonight and drinking a Magic Hat #9 (ooooooooooh yeah) while listening to some Game of Thrones soundtracks (downloading seasons 4 and 5 soundtracks for dirt cheep. Pretty pleased about that turn of events) while reading more of the book. Maybe when I’m done I’ll be to 80% or at the very least 75%. That would be ideal.

Now let’s say I finish reading on Sunday. Books all done and it’s time for Kevin to pick something new to read. I originally wanted to read a Feast of Crows and A Dance of Dragons at the same time and make them into one mega book. The temptation is there and I want to do all things Game of Thrones right now. Combining the books makes the mega book clock in around 1600 pages. Which is a lot. Not the longest thing I’ve ever read but time consuming. My goal was to have these books done by July 31st so I could jump right into Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, but that doesn’t seem likely.

This is problematic because the interwebs are dark and full of spoilers. I don’t want to go on Faceyspace and see an article or post about how the book/play turns out. God I hate spoilers. But I know the longer the re-reading of the Game of Thrones goes on the more likely this is going to happen. Which is just going to piss me off.

I turn to you Geeklings, again, for advice. Should I listen to my Game of Thrones excitement and jump into Crows and Dragons or should I just read some other things until Harry Potter is released and then do the mega book? I’m seriously torn here. It’s not like I don’t have other books I could read. I have an Amazon wishlist full of things not to mention tons of books just sitting on my kindle waiting to be called into action.

The struggle is real… what would you guys do?

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