Week In Geek 7/11/16

Happy free Slurpee Geeklings! Be sure to go to your local 7-11 and get yourself a frozen sugar drink to make your eyes crossed. Then come back here and tell me about it because I haven’t had a Slurpee in forever but fear the sugar will put me in some sort of diabetic coma.

Besides free Slurpee day, today is Monday which can only mean one thing. Week. In. Geek. And boy do we have something to discuss.

pokemon go1. Pokemon Go– Right now the internet is nothing but Pokemon Go updates and I have to say that I am beyond intrigued. I was a little old for the whole Pokemon thing, but it didn’t stop me from getting into it. There was like a two year period or so where I was super into these little creatures and then I kind of moved on with my life. For the record I only played the games, I still don’t understand how card games work. Seems like way too much thinking. I will say that Pokemon Go makes me want to run outside and start hunting down these adorable little creatures. Which is exactly what I’m going to do… tomorrow. My sister and Michael are in and tomorrow night after work we hunt Pokemon in what could possibly be the geekiest thing we’ve all done together ever. I can’t wait. For those of you who are interested how it goes fear not. I will return here Wednesday with a full report in our findings and our adventure. Be excited. I am.

2. Mr. Robot season 2– If you recall I binged Mr. Robot after my best of 2015 list was complete and that was on me because that show deserved a place on that list. Mr. Robot is a show that seems like it should be on HBO yet still shines on USA. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest on acid with a paranoia that would make The X-Files jealous. I’m curious to see where things pick up after the way season one wrapped. Elliot is a mess and there have to be serious ramifications for the world’s greatest hack. Here’s hoping the show is able to keep it’s edge and mystery along with it’s excellent acting. And yes I say that knowing Christian Slater is in it. Not to mention I’m writing the reviews for Fan Fest. Ooooooooh yeah!

3. Marvel Champions– Marvel has been very busy ignoring Civil War II (which hasn’t ended yet) and is focusing on it’s next big movement in Marvel Now 2.0. Don’t get me wrong the story lines they’re introducing have my interest but I think they would have more impact if Civil War II had finished. It feels like these teasers are giving away the ending a bit (hello Iron Man and Captain Marvel) but one thing that instantly caught my eye is the new group of Champions which will be a collection of some of Marvel’s best young super heroes. Miles Morales, Nova, Ms. Marvel, and young Cyclops are all members of this new team of sort of Avengers. One of the things I want Civil War II to do is promote the importance of these young heroes and it seems that it’s possible. Mark Waid is an excellent writer (despite the ups and downs of All New All Different Avengers) and I have faith in this book.

4. Dark Tower movie pics– I meant to put this on the list last week and forgot. It happens. Luckily I was on Instagram during lunch and a whole bunch of new pictures had leaked and reminded me. I still am a bit worried about the movie but if it plays off as a direct sequel (like I think it will) then my interest is rising. Plus some of this stuff just looks super cool. Please don’t let this suck.

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