Don’t Eat The Crab Dip

I guess the use of the clip begs the bigger question of “why”, and to that I’m not sure. Part of the reason is that I read something where Dan Harmon said that the Community movie will happen. Granted he can’t tell us when, but it will, and that’s enough to fill my heart with glee. As a matter of fact it’s enough to make me want to go home tonight and jump into season one. It’s been a long time (well a long time for me) since I watched Community and I miss it. Community was there for me in a time in life where I needed it. Not to mention it has become one of the catalysts in me embracing who I am. A show that is so off the rails and unorthodox with characters who have no shame in being who they are. That’s something that’s resonated. But it’s not really the reason why I posted this clip.

Could the reason be that I say the quote “don’t eat the crap dip, yey yey” at least once a week whether it pertains or doesn’t? No, but that doesn’t stop that from being a fact. Ask my co-workers. They’ll be the first to tell you.

Maybe it’s because I couldn’t think of a solid topic to write and I saw that headline about the Community movie and thought this would be the quickest outlet. Post a Community clip, make a joke or two, and then quietly slip on out. That seems closer to the truth. The problem is I have things I want to say. I have a whole piece outlined about dating as a geek but today wasn’t the day for that. Either is tomorrow as I’ll be talking about my adventures in Pokemon Go.Sometimes I don’t have a clear thought in what I want to say to you guys. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Sometimes it’s okay to just share a randomly funny clip from a television show you probably haven’t watched (but should). I like to believe I’m spreading something here. Just be sure not to eat the crab dip… yey yey!


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