Geeklings, I need you to do me a favor. I need you to travel back in time a bit with me. Just a small trip at first, only a couple of days. Hop into your Tardis or Delorean or, if you want to be a bit more current, wind up your time turner back to Monday to the Week In Geek. If you recall one of the things I was most excited about this week was the the day Thursday, and other than that I didn’t give much explanation (I call that building intrigue). I believe that I told you that I would have an announcement to make. Well bring yourself back to the present because today is Thursday (thank you trusty calendar) and with it comes said announcement. I’ll give you a moment to collect yourselves as I’m sure the excitement is just ripping through you all.

The mission statement here at I Am Geek has always been evolution. To build a community of like minded people who can share things and geek out together. Because honestly, what’s better than geeking out with friends? I know this site would operate mostly as a blog but I wanted to add other voices. I wanted you Geeklings to know there are more of us out there. The first step in this evolution was bringing in some guest posters. We’ve had my sister here a couple of times, my mother, and more recently Eric Landro sharing their geeky tales, and it’s been great for me seeing the geekiness of others. And there will be mmore. Guest posting will continue to be a part of this website because it’s fun. I want to provide an avenue where you guys can display your voice. I have a friend, Kyle, who has been working on a piece that will go up as soon as he finishes and I’ve spoken to others about potentially contributing. Thus taking the term I Am Geek and making a complete Groot moment out of it (We Are Geek).

Now spring boarding off of the guest posts comes the next evolution of I Am Geek. A permanent guest poster. A guest poster who won’t actually be a guest but a permanent fixture. Today I’m thrilled to announce that I have found a voice that will be reoccurring most Thursdays or any other day really. Geeklings, please join me in welcoming Maggie Carr to the I Am Geek family.

IMG_5816Maggie is a NYC based actress, writer, producer, and horror fan. She is a regular contributor to You can see her at work in the viral horror short Maggie Vs. Evil Dead which she wrote and produced. You can also see Maggie in the upcoming short horror film, Help Me First, by The Gasaway Group and distributed by Drafthouse Films slated to premiere in September at Fantastic Fest 2016. Stalk her on Instagram: @maggiecar and Twitter: @Magthecar

I actually met Maggie through Instagram (you can follow me too @iamgeek32) over a shared interest in Stranger Things (the gift that keeps on giving). We started a conversation, shared our love for the show, and eventually I asked her to write a guest post here for us. Her immediate response was “Um DUH a thousand times yes.” which just confirmed that I had totally asked the right person. What started out as a guest post quickly turned into a reoccurring post, as Maggie will be tackling a guilty pleasure/horror movie column. Something where she points out a crappy horror movie and tells you why it’s awesome. Being a lover of horror films, both scary and crappy, I couldn’t be happier to add this column to I Am Geek.

Actually it would probably please my sister to know that during our conversations about crappy horror movies, I was able to talk Maggie into watching Three Headed Shark Attack. I might add it didn’t take much convincing and she informed me that it’s actually a sequel to (get ready) Two Headed Shark Attack! That kind of news is a game changer. Jen get ready we’re gonna have to dig that out.

Maggie brings a lot of energy to her writing, producing, and filming and looking forward to that energy being a part of I Am Geek. Before I leave you guys I wanted to share her Maggie vs Evil Dead audition video which is all types of awesome, creative, and charming. This is the voice you can expect to start seeing here as of next week, and I already feel super lucky having her on board.

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