Week In Geek 9/26/16

Geeklings, today is a very special Week In Geek and not because I’m currently sitting in front of my lap top wearing the first ever I Am Geek t-shirt. That’s right we a t-shirt now (thanks to my friend Kristie for making that happen). Actually those two items are sort of related as I’m wearing the shirt because it was a birthday gift. That’s right Geeklings, today is my birthday (insert wild applause and well wishes here). Thank you, thank you. Guys seriously it’s too much.

Now after that shameless birthday plug that seems like I’m just begging for well wishes (aren’t we all though) it’s time to get ourselves down to business. The next couple of weeks are gearing up to be extra geeky, especially with NYC Comic Con on the horizon, so our Week In Geek list should be pretty full. Yay! I mean seriously, what’s better then a list full of geeky things? Not much really.

Let’s get to it!

1. Luke Cage– Ugh, it feels like forever since Daredevil season two hit our Netflix accounts and even longer since Jessica Jones. I am more than ready for some more of the Netflix Marvel universe and that wait will be over this Friday. Luke Cage looks to continue the fantastic run Netflix has been having with Marvel themed shows, and if the trailers are any indication, then it looks like Cage could be the most grittiest one yet (not sure if that if that phrase is correct or not). I thought Cage was one of the shining points of season one of Jessica Jones and I’m looking forward to seeing him anchor his own series. While Daredevil and Jessica Jones tackle their villains on a street level it certainly seems that Luke Cage will be mucking it up in the underground gangster levels of New York which is something we haven’t really seen from it’s two predecessors. If the trailers are any indication then there are going to be tons of badass “Sweet Christmas” moments, and hopefully some cameos. Hmmmmm. I’d also like to see Netflix continue the trend of awesome villains. One of the biggest complaints against the MCU is the villains are kind of one dimensional (I can sort of see it) but that has not been the case with the Netflix universe (see Kingpin, the Hand, and Killgrave). I have no idea what or who Cage will be facing but he looks ruthless. I can get on board with ruthless. And I haven’t even mentioned the soundtrack/score which will be supplied by A Tribe Called Quest member Ali Shaheed Muhammad. Aaaaaaaaand I’ll be doing the episode reviews for Fan Fest. Needless to say I’m pretty pumped for Friday.

Image result for legends of tomorrow2. Legends of Tomorrow– I’ll admit that when Legends of Tomorrow started up I had a tough time getting into it. With how great Arrow and The Flash had been I just expected this show to take off running, and it didn’t. Which is why it collected dust on my DVR for as long as it did. There were a number of different times where I just thought about erasing it and moving on with life, but never pulled the trigger on it. I would occasionally throw an episode on while I tooled around on the interwebs and slowly progressed my way through the first season. With the majority of CW super hero shows starting up in the next week or two I felt I needed to give this first season one last shot, and you know what, it turned out to be pretty good. Granted, there is a lot of room for improvement but those last two or three episodes of the season were clearly some of the shows best and leave me optimistic for season two. Not to mention the team has been trimmed down a bit and I expect them to keep some of the momentum from the finale as the Justice Society of America and the Legion of Doom get introduced. Looks like another super hero show is back on my television viewing list. Yay! Side Note: the transformation of Heat Wave throughout the season is hands down the best part of the show (alright, one of *ahem* Captain Cold *ahem*) and there’s a scene with him in the finale that really packed in that emotion. I’m a sucker for emotion.

Image result for miles morales civil war 23. Miles Morales– I have not been the biggest fan of Marvel’s Civil War II as I feel it hasn’t really done much besides end each issue with a big cliff hanger and then spin its wheels until the next issues big cliff hanger. Not to mention there have been huge delays that have really upset the flow of the story. Needless to say last weeks big cliff hanger involved one of my favorite Marvel characters, Miles Morales, and my interest is peaked. Not because I think this twist will make the event good, not sure if it can be saved at this point, but because it thrust Miles right in the middle of a major Marvel event. To the point where he’s almost a focal point. Ever since I started reading Mile Morales comics I’ve been waiting for him to be given the ball and run so to speak, and it looks like Marvel is looking to really throw a lot of stock into this kid. There are still three issues left of this event but it seems that the future is promising for Miles, and that’s enough to get me excited. If Civil War II is able to catapult some of these younger heroes into the big time (Ms. Marvel, Nova, etc.) then I’d be willing to see it as a success. Well, ish.

4. John Oliver– It seems like forever and one Emmy win since John Oliver has graced our television screens. In reality it’s only been a month but considering the social climate of this country it seems his voice is very much needed. His return last night was exactly what you would hope it would be and covered a number of different topics but focusing on the scandals that surrounded each Presidential candidate. Here at I Am Geek we shy away from politics because we’re not that kind of site. I choose to embrace the brighter aspects of the world, but I can’t help but plug John Oliver as what he’s doing feels not only important but necessary.

5. Joss Whedon’s Vote Video- Wow Kevin, for a site that doesn’t want to dive into politics you certainly are listing a number of political topics. I know, I know but I really thought this video should be included. Where ever you fall in this election is your choice (please just make sure you’re informed) but you can’t help but deny the charm of Joss Whedon and this video filled with a shit ton of famous people. There is little doubt that voting this year might be more important than ever, and while Whedon and his famous people entourage clearly know who not to vote for, the importance of voting is the underlining factor here. Plus if you sign up and vote it seems that we’re going to be rewarded with some good ole fashion male nudity. From who? Well watch the video and find out.

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