Week In Geek: Return of Zombies, Clones, and Possibly Mutants?

Geeklings… I’m sick. I hate being sick. Mostly because I am the worst when I’m sick, and if I can admit to that then I can only imagine what it’s like for people who have to bare the brunt of me. Full disclosure when I’m sick I just want everything to stop so people can pay attention to me and bring me back to normal health status. Seriously, I become this useless, human skin bag of neediness and pity that just doesn’t want to do anything while also wanting some one to come over agree that I am indeed sick, take pity on me, and bring me treats while letting me watch whatever I want to watch. Granted, living alone allows me to watch whatever I want to watch any way, but that’s not the point. I want someone to say, “Sure Kevin you can watch an episode of Stranger Things. Whatever you want”.  Am I a greedy man? No, I don’t think so. Am I unreasonable with unrealistic expectations? Of course I am. I’m a sick male whose skin hurts what did you expect?! Please. Although, to her credit, Mama Dukes came by the Fortress of Nerditude today with pea soup and tasty beverages which was super awesome. Thanks Ma!

That should sum up where I’ve been the last few days. In my head though I wrote posts but the idea of moving my fingers on a keyboard just seemed like some ancient form of torture (see what I mean? Useless) so those posts remained in my head. But seeing that it’s almost eight o’clock on Monday I knew that I had to overcome. That I needed to reach somewhere deep inside so I could write a new Week In Geek because I never miss a new Week In Geek, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to start now. Also, writing this post feels like I’m communicating with the real world a little bit (well as real as the interwebs can be) and I think I need that interaction to remind myself that there is more out there then Hudson the Cat, my pops, and Netflix binge watching.

negan-poster1. The Walking Dead season 7- I know that they announced yesterday that the show has already been picked up for season 8, which is a no brainer, but let’s focus on Sunday’s premier. I’ve written a number of times about how great I thought the appearance of Negan was and I, like most of the world, am looking forward to the payoff this Sunday. Who did Negan kill? This could be the biggest question plaguing the Walking Dead since it began. I for one think I know because of my insider comic book reading (reading comics does come with it’s perks), but since the finale I’ve even second guessed myself. I’m not entirely sure anymore whose going to meet Lucille (although I am still kind of confident) but can’t wait to find out. It’s been a long few months waiting to see whose head that bats going to cave in. Plus I’ll be doing the episode reviews on Fan Fest News and I am all types of excited for that exposure. I’ll have my first preview piece up later this week so keep your eyeholes open.

Image result for harry potter festival2. Harry Potter Festival- That’s right, this is a thing. A very real thing that will be taking place this weekend down in Philly (actually a little outside of Philly) and yours truly will be attending with his gang of geeks. This seems like a great follow up to NYC Comic Con, a pallet cleanser if you will, and a great way to spend a Saturday with friends while making new ones. I believe the festival spans four blocks or so as they transform Philly into the world of Harry Potter. There will live quidditch (!!!), Defense Against the Dark Arts classes (!!!), find out what House you belong to with the Sorting Hat, a ride on the Knight’s Bus, the shops of Hogsmeade, and thestral rides (and something about a pancake feast that sounds glorious). How can this be awful? Oh, that’s right, it can’t. Very much looking forward to this.

Image result for star wars: clone wars3. Star Wars: The Clone Wars– After last weeks final Rogue One trailer and the releasing of the Ashoka novel (which, as of today, is currently sitting on Gandalf the Kindle waiting to be read) I’ve been in quite the Star Wars mood. In fact I decided that it was time to go back and try and finish watching the Clone Wars. For two reasons really. Reason one being I wanted all the Ashoka information I could possibly have before starting the novel (hopefully later this week). Reason two being I really want to start watching Rebels and couldn’t commit to it without finishing Clone Wars. Well one of the perks of being sick has meant that I have watched a shit ton of Clone Wars. According to Netflix I have one season left but I’m pretty sure those are the “lost” episodes and I can pick at those. Season five was a much stronger narrative season with story arcs going past three episodes while also diving into some pretty dark material. Not everything hit the mark (thought that droid story went on a bit too long) but the conclusion of Ashoka’s story was pretty excellent as was everything with Darth Maul. The Clone Wars was a pretty good companion to this sick guy.

4. Hush– It has been a long time since I’ve seen a horror movie that I kind of wanted to watch immediately again once it concluded. Actually, that’s not exactly the right feeling. When Hush concluded I immediately thought “I could and will watch this again”. The premise is pretty unique for a slasher movie. An author who is mute and deaf lives up in the middle of the woods working on her new novel when a killer starts stalking her. I thought the film added new dimensions to the slasher genre and was engaging with a couple of good pop out scares. I always find the movies where there is no real reason for the killer to be killing, other than because he wants to, to be the scariest.I prefer that psychological terror opposed to that jump out and make you scream type horror. Pretty excellent horror movie that you guys should feast your eyeholes on, and also has the praise of Uncle Stevie. And if it’s good enough for Stephen King then it’s good enough for me.

Image result for x-men resurrection5. The X-Men– If you guys read my Pull List column over at Fan Fest then you’ve seen that I’ve said that the relationship between Marvel and the X-Men doesn’t seem to be at an all time high which is sad when you consider the storied history of the X-Men. With Fox having the movie rights to the franchise it seems that Marvel has been pushing the Inhumans as some sort of replacement (it’s not working) as the X-Men kind of slip further down the Marvel Power Rankings. As of late though there seems to be a bit of a change in the air. For starters Marvel announced a new X-Men themed event (I think it’s an event) titled “ResurrXion” which I’m seeing not as the revival of a character (although I’m sure that’ll happen too) but more to shift some power back to the mutants which I think is a great thing. The quality of X-Men books has been on the decline lately (especially since Bendis left the series) and I for one would really like to see the X-Men reclaim some of their past glory. If that wasn’t enough the Marvel Collector Corp December box was announced to be the X-Men which is super exciting for this collector. Especially if it results in a Jean Grey pop vinyl. That would be, like, the best.

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