Five Favorite I Am Geek Columns

I don’t know how many of you know this buuuuuuut this little site will be celebrating it’s One Year Anniversary in a few days! That’s right, a year! Can you believe it? It seems like just yesterday I was on here talking about Star Wars and comic books… wow, a lot really hasn’t changed. And while I’ll have more to say about this on Sunday (which I believe is the actual anniversary) I wanted to take tonight to pick five of my favorite I Am Geek columns. Over the course of a year we have posted over 250 columns to this site which is all types of incredible. That’s 250 different head thoughts that went to your eyeholes. 250 different times you guys came here and read what I (or a guest poster) was thinking. That’s incredible. Needless to say, picking just five of those head thoughts was difficult I went with the ones I either had the most fun writing or got the best response from you guys. Feel free to re-read them or maybe read them for the first time in case you missed them. Our journey together is just getting started so why not travel down memory lane a bit and check out the articles that made you fall in love with this site in the first place.

IMG_10901. Confession of An Unapologetic Geek- This is the one that started it all Geeklings. The very first I Am Geek post. I had been sitting on the idea of starting a blog for awhile until finally I just went for it. This was an introduction to something that has become kind of a daily love affair for me, and opened the door to new opportunities and ideas. While it’s not the best post on the site it’s one of my favorites as it opened the door that let all my Geeklings in.

140519092838-dungeons-dragons-tiamat-story-top2. The Dungeon Master That Never Was– This one is one of my favorites because 1) it allowed me to express my geeky bucket list item of wanting to play Dungeons & Dragons (something that was sort of a secret up to this point) and 2) allowed me to travel down memory lane and share some stories of growing up. Just a lot of fun to write, and while I still haven’t played a game of D&D you can bet your sweet bippies that next year it’s happening. As a matter of fact it’s one of the main podcast show ideas circulating around the I Am Geek camp.

apocalypse_by_pierremassine3. Apocalypse Problems: The E-Reader– Why haven’t I revisited this column? It’s so fun to write about problems we would face in the apocalypse. I still think this is a legit problem and all ears for any of you who have solutions. Seriously. Help a brother out.

BKHT3f74. How to Survive Snowpocalypse/Surviving Snowpocalypse In Real Time– These two go hand in hand so I’m counting them as one. While I hate snow. I mean really, really hate it. I secretly can’t wait for the next big storm so we can do a Surviving Snowpocalypse In Real Time II. Keeping track of my movements was more fun then you would expect and made me feel the need to do something interesting for you guys. Plus it gives you an insight to what life is like in the Fortress of Nerditude.

5. Re-Claiming Darth Vader– I really loved this column. I even posted it on Fan Fest News. And with Rogue One coming out tonight I thought I would re-share it. Darth Vader is one of my favorite fictional characters (especially in the villain category) and I stand by the fact that I think he needs to be re-claimed. I have a lot of faith in Rogue One.

It was a lot harder picking five columns than I thought it would be. This might be something we re-visit as the site continues to grow. It helps massage my ego as it allows me to pimp posts that I really enjoyed.

Thanks for reading Geeklings, this site probably doesn’t last a year without your support and love for reading my words. Means a lot to this little geek.

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