10. Deadpool

The tenth spot was the most difficult spot on this years list. I’ll tell you something Geeklings, it’s real easy to figure out your favorite things of the year. The top five is pretty much a lock, but it’s when you start to work your way down the list that it becomes more and more difficult. Where do certain things rank and if you rank these certain things then it means other, awesome things get left out. I’ve been playing with this list for the last few days in attempts to try and perfect it and get it right. Apparently I have a lot of free time (no I don’t). The last three spots rotated a lot but the tenth spot kept giving me trouble. Mostly because I saw these items I loved sitting on the outside looking in like the guy who walks by a party and looks in the window because he wasn’t invited. I’m not sure if that’s a good analogy, as it sounds super creepy, but I really wanted to get the point across. Also nothing like that has ever happened to me. I’ve been uninvited to a party before but never looked in a window feeling glum… anyway. All this pained me. Finally I decided that I couldn’t have a best of 2016 list without this item on it, so, Geeklings I present to you the tenth best thing of 2016…Deadpool!

Image result for deadpool

Now some of you might be thinking that Deadpool should be higher on the list, and maybe it should, but when I weighed it against the things I loved the most (key word considering this is my site and I make the calls based on my feels… sorry, got defensive) ten seemed like a fair spot. To be fair, there were a couple of versions of this list where the Merc with the Mouth was left off the list completely. Could you imagine? Something like that would most likely bring my geek card in question.

Let’s be honest for a second. Expectations for the Deadpool movie were pretty high. This character has such a cult following and isn’t popular by mainstream comic standards. He’s a character with mutant abilities who is unconventional at best. The humor in the book is random and sort of insiderish not to mention how often Deadpool tears down the 4th wall. Deadpool is a comic book character who is perfectly aware that he is in a comic book. That’s kind of unheard of and adds a different level to any of his books. Keeping all that in mind, one had to wonder how that type of personality would transition to the big screen.

Luckily the Millers and Ryan Reynolds totally understood what makes Deadpool Deadpool and wouldn’t put out a film that undermined that. When test footage of the film leaked a couple of years ago the interwebs more or less wet their pants with excitement. There were rumors forever that this thing was going to be made but it seemed mostly dead in the water. Once this footage leaked though the geek community rallied and more or less forced Fox’s hand. There was no way they couldn’t make this movie. It’s one of the few times where the voice of the interwebs was heard and their wishes granted (sorry to all of you who have been trying to bring Firefly back).

The best thing about Deadpool is it lived up to all it’s crazy expectations. The movie read like a Deadpool comic and instantly geeks around the world heard the accurate, spot on voice of a character they have loved for so long (much like me with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man). Ryan Reynold was born to play this character and his love and admiration for the content poured out into every scene. It’s no wonder that he’s won a Critic’s Choice award and has been nominated for a Golden Globe (as well as the film). Can anyone say Oscar buzz? Wouldn’t that be something? Deadpool giving the speech for Best Actor in a Motion Picture. I don’t think the interwebs could handle that.

While the plot is pretty basic the movie is far from it. All the 4th wall breaking that we associate with Deadpool was brought to life, the humor was crisp and the action tight, and the amount of in jokes were too many to list. I loved how the movie poked fun at the X-Men movie time lines as well as gave us a Colossus that fit the comics opposed to the ones from the prior X-Men movies. Deadpool was a hit on so many different levels with it’s crass humor (and bitchin’ soundtrack) and the way it broke the super hero mold. Superhero movies can work with an R rating if that rating is used to fit the character and not exploit it. In two words it was delightfully refreshing.

The problem with things that get released earlier in the year is they have this unfortunate label of being lost in the shuffle of the most recent awesome. We live in a “what have you done for me lately” world, but even with that mentality Deadpool has had staying power. This movie has constantly given back whether it was with the unrated version or with the countless internet memes and gifs. My current favorite involves Deadpool’s reaction to Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Image result for deadpool spiderman homecoming gif

This isn’t it but couldn’t find the one I was looking for

Deadpool was the comic book movie we not only deserved but very much needed. With Cable coming for the sequel it’s hard not to have high expectations for this franchise. If only they can talk Hugh Jackman out of retirement.

Deadpool was without a doubt one of the best geeky things of 2016.

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