The Best of 2016

It seems that the general consensus, when talking about 2016, is that it was kind of a shit year all around. And while I understand that train of thought I don’t necisarrily agree. Well, let me clarify. On a personal level, 2016 was a great year. I lost about 25 pounds (and managed to keep it off), got a job writing television reviews and comic write ups for a website, and overall just got myself to a good place. Honestly, this is the happiest I’ve been in a long, long time and the feeling has been fantastic. When I think about 2016 those will be things I choose to remember, but I get how everyone is anxious to say good-bye. It seemed that once David Bowie died that the whole fabric of the universe fell apart (yes, I stole that from a meme). I mean, how else could you describe a Donald Trump presidency?

But those aren’t the things we deal with here at I Am Geek. Here we deal with pop culture and all things geeky (and occasional stories about Hudson the Cat). Looking at 2016 from that perspective one could say that it was a great year for pop culture. Like, a really, really good year. Over the course of the year we have talked about tons of awesome things that happened to our geeky lives. Whether it was a new Netflix series, a comic book, a book book, a viral video, or a trailer chances are if it was awesome I Am Geek tried to bring it to your attention. I mean, that’s kind of the whole point of the site when you think about it.

Last year when I started I Am Geek it lead right into our Best of (insert year here) List, and it was a lot of fun. The list allowed me to get into a steady writing rhythm as well as talking about everything in 2015 that helped inspire the site.  Granted, it was all ramping up to talking about The Force Awakens more, but there were some other truly geektastic things throughout 2015 to discuss. Looking back on it now though I wish I hadn’t grouped all things Marvel under one spot (it was clearly a cheat considering three quarters of the list could have been Marvel items) or maybe had been more specific with things like Pop Vinyls. We live and learn though and apply those lessons to this years second annual I Am Geek Best of (insert year here) List.

Starting tomorrow we will be counting down the ten best geeky moments of 2016. We’ll be covering every spectrum of pop culture, but sadly there can only be one number one spot. I’m sure there will be omissions or items that fall higher (or lower) on the list then you think they deserve and that’s fine. Feel free to voice your opinion. That’s what we have the comments for or you can yell at me on Twitter @iamgeek32

So, before we kick 2016 out the door let’s look back on all that made it great. See you tomorrow with item number ten. What can it be? Hint, it has nothing to do with Martha. Seriously. I left that bitch off the list entirely.

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