The I Am Geek Podcast Episode 3- Not Rocky

Geeklings, I know I promised a new Today In Awesome… but I’ve spent the majority of the night trying to get the podcast hooked up to itunes, which apparently, is no easy task. I’ve been able to conquer the majority of the mole hills that have obstructed my way but currently having a problem with the site logo. Joy. Don’t worry as I’m sure we’ll have this fixed within the next week. I’m just really anxious at this point to get this up there, I don’t know, just makes it feel official. I’ve reached my max amount of minutes on Sound Cloud so now they’re removing episodes for new episodes. Once we get on itunes the full library will be up and running again so fear not.

As for writing today, well we did just put out Episode Three, “Not Rocky” for your ear holes. I have to say this is my favorite episode yet. It was a lot of fun and the energy and flow of the conversation translates really well. Would you please, pretty please, give it a listen and while you’re at it why not tell your friends about it. Sharing is caring after all.

In the mean time I’m going to get ready to record episode four tonight, the hustle never stops over here, so it could be up and running for you next week. Same bat time, same bat channel, same geeky awesomeness. Enjoy my friends and many huzzahs!

This week the I Am Geek gang talks about their five favorite movies as well as the passing of Charlie Murphy, the new Thor and Star Wars trailers. Jennifer also inquires about how Cool Ranch Doritos are made. Laughs a plenty in Episode Three of the I Am Geek Podcast


Or you can just listen here on the page too

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