I Am Geek Podcast Episode 11- Why Does Your Lepreachuan Sound Like A Pirate?

First off, we just wanted to say thank you to everyone who contributed questions yesterday for the first ever I Am Geek Mailbag. It was a lot of fun hearing from you guys and this is definitely a feature that we’re going to re-visit as we record more episodes. I know that Jen really enjoyed going live on Faceyspace for a little bit, and that also looks to be something that we’re going to re-visit. This face is way too pretty to hide behind a microphone.

As for the episode itself, well…

The gang is back with a brand new episode to please your earholes. Kevin discusses a fit of insomnia that lead to finding out the net worth of his pop vinyl collection and progresses into Game of Thrones discussion as well as Kevin’s trip to the nation’s capital and Jennifer’s house sitting of the Fortress of Nerditude. The Dark Tower movie is discussed as is the proper way to sit in a nearly empty movie theater. The gang then turns the floor over to you as they answer your questions from the first ever I Am Geek Mailbag where no question goes unanswered. Be sure to give it a listen and find out the theme of the fantasy football league this year and the gangs choice for team names.

As always, we had a blast recording and hope you guys enjoy. Any and all feedback is welcomed. See everyone Saturday with new content as I hope to take this weekend to catch up on some columns I’ve become backed up on.

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