Problems With Early Morning Comic Book Reading

Geeklings, a very Happy New Comic Book Day to you all. I hope it finds you all types of well with a bunch of comics to read. I figured since today was New Comic Book Day and all I would dedicate today’s post to… well, comics. Convenient, right?

You see Geeklings I spent a good majority of my vacation catching up on books that were piling up on the ole Fancy Comic Book Reader (ipad) and it helped relight some of those comic book love fires. Not that those fires had ever dimmed but sometimes it becomes a little daunting when you have a comic queue of forty-something books waiting to be read. Granted, there is a good portion of that forty-something that were graphic novels I had been buying on the cheap but it was still a pretty massive number. Luckily vacation gave me the opportunity to binge read a number of series I’ve been neglecting, such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Tom King’s Batman, and suddenly all I want to do is read comics. All the time. I was actually disappointed that I brought Gandalf the Kindle to work today because I was craving some comics on the Fancy Comic Book Reader. Maybe I’ll sneak an issue or two in tonight after Mr. Robot. Maybe.

On most New Comic Book Days I have a bit of a ritual. Usually, I’ll wake up and go for my walk, something I’ve gotten much better at doing lately, and come home with enough time to dive into at least one book before I have to join the real world. That book tends to be the one I’m most excited about for that day or a major event comic. Comics are spoiled so easily on the interwebs and I hate having a plot point ruined before I can get home and read it. It’s bad enough that comic companies are spoiling the books themselves so I figure some early morning reading is the best way to avoid that. Plus, if I’m speaking honestly, there is something about reading a comic (or comics) early in the morning when everyone else is still sleeping that is so relaxing and exciting. Almost like you’re being let in on a secret that no one else knows about just yet. In fact, it’s one of my favorite times of the week.

The only problem is my early morning comic book reading usually means I’m the only one who has read the book. Which means when I go into work or the interwebs I don’t have a lot of people to discuss comics with. All I can do is be excited, or disappointed depending on the book (looking at you Secret Empire conclusion), and wait for everyone else to catch up. I usually take to Twitter (@iamgeek32) to Tweet out some quick non-spoiler thoughts and maybe try to spark up a dialogue with a certain writer. I’ve had a pretty good back and forth with Brian Michael Bendis, G. Willow Wilson, and today had some interaction with Scott Snyder over Dark Nights Metal #3.  Every time I speak with a comic book writer I geek out inside. Total fanboy moments.

I’ve actually used Twitter as a pretty good platform to talk about my love for comics and exchange Tweets with comic writers, artists, and fans. For someone who isn’t the greatest Tweeter in the world, this has certainly opened up that horizon for me. When no one else around me has read the books I want to talk about what else am I supposed to do but turn to social media? The Adorable Creature will listen to me ramble about comics, or pretty much anything for that matter because she’s awesome, but I don’t want to assault her ears too much. At least Twitter allows me to hopefully start a conversation with other readers.

I’m looking at the title of this piece and I don’t really think there’s really a problem problem with my early morning comic book reading like I said it’s one of my favorite ways to start the day. I just… I just wish more people were reading comics at 6:30 in the morning too. Then we all could talk about books and geek out. That’s your homework Geeklings. Start reading comics early in the morning and start Tweeting me. Let’s even start off a little slower. Wake up early tomorrow before work and sit down and read a comic. Then Tweet me to tell me how awesome of an experience it was. We’ll take it from there.

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