A Question About DVRs

Geeklings, as promised I’m here for my second posting of the day and I thought I would do something a little different. Instead of a long post with lots of wordy words I thought I would simply just pose a question to you guys. You know, in that forever quest for fan/creator participation.

Before I went to work tonight I had to check my DVR to make sure I had enough room on it to record Mr. Robot, which doesn’t start until ten and I’ll be home by then so it was pretty pointless of me to check. Irregardless, I went through my DVR and deleted a bunch of things I had already watched and hadn’t deleted immediately following. As I was deleting I started to notice that I have a ton of shows on my DVR currently eating up that precious precious hard drive. I’m talking about a half season of Brooklyn 9-9 and pretty much all of this year’s AHS because to binge with my sister is a test of time itself.

All of this got me thinking…

At what point has a show been on your DVR long enough to admit that you’re not going to watch it and that it needs to be deleted?

Right? Who would have thought I’d come at you guys on a Wednesday with such hard-hitting stuff. But seriously, how long is too long? I want to watch that half a season of Brooklyn 9-9 but it’s been on my DVR for more than a few months now. Am I honestly going to watch it? I want to say yes buuuuuut there are so many other things I want to watch or have to watch. The life of a television junkie is tough my friends.

Basically, I’m giving this question up to you. What do you guys think? At what point has your show crossed the threshold to deletion town? Oh! As a bonus question, what show is currently eating up space on your DVR? There are no wrong answers, you’re among friends.

Let the discussion begin!

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