Week In Geek- Spider-Man Goes on Vacation & We Return to Hawkins

Geeklings, what an exciting week we have ahead of us. Many of us believe that June 21st is the official start of the summer. That’s what the calendar tells us anyway. June 21st the longest day of the year kicking off the greatest season of the year, but what if I told you differently. What if I told you that summer didn’t really kick off until the Fourth of July? 

Most of you would probably agree with me. It’s the unofficial official kick off to summer. Fireworks. Time off from work. Barbeques. Hotdog eating contests. Big summer blockbuster movies. If you were starting a “How to Properly Summer” book, then these are all the ingredients that you would include. Maybe throw in a dash of beer and just a splash of flip-flops and you’re ready to cook up the best possible summer.

Here’s the thing, this Fourth of July week is looking to set summer off on a super high note. Like, I can’t remember a Fourth of July week I was more excited for. Part of it has to do with the fact that I got myself a long weekend (what whaaaaaaaaaaaat). Part of it has to do with spending time with family and friends and enjoying the perks of summer. But more than anything… this week has some incredible releases that have me absolutely buzzing. Buzzing!

And what better transition into a brand new edition of the Week In Geek?!  It’s almost like I planned it this way which, of course, I did. It’s a shorter list than usual but the items are here are big enough for a couple of editions of the Week In Geek. Next week already pales in comparison. 

Enough hype though. Let’s get down to it. Summer is here and there are a couple of things that are going to require your attention immediately. Starting with…

SpideySpider-Man Far From Home- Can you believe it’s been three months since Endgame was released? I’m not talking about the most recent re-release either. I’m talking the initial game-changing release. If you’re like me then you’re still recovering from the events but you know what they say… the show must go on. The first MCU you film in the post Endgame era is here to close out Phase 3 and usher in the next Phase of Marvel films. And I couldn’t be happier to see this chapter close with my favorite superhero… Spider-Man. 

It seems that part of the future of the MCU runs through Spider-Man (along with Captain Marvel and Black Panther) and with his closeness to Tony Stark it makes a lot of sense to use Spidey to springboard into the future by saying goodbye to the past. I feel that the shadow of Iron Man will loom large over the MCU for many movies, but Far From Home really gives us an opportunity to feel those emotions on a more human level. Out of all the heroes within the MCU, Peter Parker gives us our most personal relationship with Tony (very father/son… or more Uncle Benish) allowing us one more large farewell to the father of the MCU.

Outside of the mourning though, there’s a lot to look forward here. It appears that Thanos’s Snap created a multi-verse, or was it the time traveling (???), opening so many doors to the future of the MCU it’s almost dizzying. If you were looking for a way to bring the X-Men to the party then this could be it, folks. Not to mention the Fantastic Four. Or even Deadpool which could lead to some pretty hysterical stuff. The introduction of a multi-verse is huge and something that should play a part in the majority of MCU films going forward.

But at its core, Far From Home is going to be a Spider-Man story in the same vein as Homecoming. A more intimate, more personal, superhero movie and I for one can’t wait for these more intimate beats. A deep cleansing breath as we say goodbye to the last ten years. If the rumors are to be believed the two post-credit scenes are complete game changers to the point where people will openly lose their minds. I have to believe that this is where the true future of Phase 4 lies, but before all that, we get a new Spider-Man movie with the best live-action Spider-Man. What more could you ask for? How about an I Am Geek review on Thursday? Cause that’s what you’re getting! I’ll be seeing the film Wednesday night and I’ll be reporting back Thursday morningish with my review. As if this week couldn’t get better.

Stranger Things 3 4Stranger Things season 3- Speaking of the week getting better, in case you haven’t been paying attention to I Am Geek, this week sees the release of the long-awaited third season of Stranger Things and I’m beyond excited to return to Hawkins. How excited? Well, my friends, I’m planning my Fourth of July around being able to watch episodes, naturally, and could care less that I’m expected to be social. I’ve had many talks with my soon to be wife how I’m not allowed to stay inside all weekend watching Stranger Things… I’m still plotting viewing details but this forced staggered viewing should lead to plenty of writing content here all weekend. I know for a fact that we’ll be watching the first episode Thursday around nine (I hope, and plan on being sober enough to make this happen) and then after that, it’s every person for themselves. Expect an episode one review Friday morning or so, and then more throughout the weekend as I try and watch in clumps. I’m actually kind of stressed with how I’m going to navigate watching this third season but from a writing standpoint, this is the next best thing to Netflix not doing a season dump I suppose.

As for the season itself, man, things look dark. That first season three trailer was very light in tone only for the Duffer Brother’s to hit us with the intensity with the final trailer. Things look bleak in Hawkins and I’m worried about all of my friends. All. Of. Them. I really have a feeling that this season ends with that Empire Strikes Back feel with the Upside Down getting a big win. There’s going to be some heartache here and I’m not ready to be crushed. But also, I’m beyond ready.

The season has already received grand reviews (sitting at a 93% on Rotten Tomatoes last I saw) as the hype train continues to build over the next couple of days. For those of you who’ve missed out on the I Am Geek coverage, I have provided you the links to our latest thoughts, theories, and discussion points. There will be plenty more to follow after the season drops Thursday. This week belongs to Stranger Things and I Am Geek is going to have all the Hawkins coverage you could possibly need! 

Does Someone Need to Die In Stranger Things?

Stranger Things- Is the Upside Down Really Gone?

Stranger Things- Did Nancy & Jonathan Doom Hawkins?

Stranger Things- What If Doctor Brenner Is Alive?

There you have it Geeklings, summer is officially kicking off and it is bringing allllll the awesome with it. What are you more excited for, Far From Home or Stranger Things? Sound off in the comments and let us know. If you’d like to talk either Spider-Man or anything Hawkins related, I’m over on Twitter @iamgeek32. Hit me up and let’s discuss, no spoilers though. I will haunt you. I’ll see you guys tomorrow with a regular post before we head into our content heavy week. It’s going to be a blast and I can’t wait to share these adventures with you! 

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