Week In Geek- Trailer Extravaganza

Geeklings, I know that this is the part where I swoop in all full of energy and wish you a happy Monday. You know the intro, it borderlines almost over-enthusiastic that might bring a response like  “yeah, I guess I’m hyped too but take it down a notch, will ya”. But instead of that intro I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you to our good friend Eric Landro. You know Eric as a guest writer here on the site (most recently writing about Doctor Sleep) but he spent a good portion of his weekend working on the I Am Geek page, and I have to say things look great. We’ve got a fresh new look heading into the new year, with a featured article display, a place to see my Tweets, and a real professional vibe. I’m thrilled to see the new look as I Am Geek gets ready for 2020 and the big things ahead. If you haven’t taken the time be sure to look around a bit and click some of our Archives or newest columns… like the one I just wrote on Mr. Robot. ‘Tis the season too so be sure to share some with your friends.

With that being said, how about we head into the awesome of this week? Brazil had a comic-con over the weekend and there were a number of important trailers that made their way to our eyeholes. I’d like to talk about those trailers with you now as this Week In Geek is basically one massive trailer extravaganza!

Wonder Woman 84- First things first, I can’t be the only one who believes that they filmed the latest Wonder Woman movie in the Stranger Things mall, can I? I’m not saying Eleven is going to show up… but would you be surprised? Outside of that little nugget, I have to say that I really enjoyed this one. There is very little doubt that Wonder Woman is the most successful superhero movie to come out of the DC Cinematic Universe and fans have been patiently waiting for this sequel. We know that all things are better in the ’80s which is why it makes sense for this movie to be spending its time there. I do wonder how much of this trailer we should buy into though. I’ve got some theories (expanded by a buddy of mine) that maybe everything isn’t as it seems… but we’ll save that for a later day. For now, enjoy the action, the colors, Gal Gadot kicking ass, Steve Trevor’s fanny pack, and did I see a Kingdom Come suit in there?! I think I did. Things are starting to look bright for the DC movie universe and that’s enough to get excited about.

Free Guy- Okay, I’m all in on this. It just looks fun. Ryan Reynolds in a video game world where he takes control and brings the thunder? What’s not to like here. For those clamoring for something fresh and new, I think you might have that here. This whole trailer gives off the vibe that it’s okay to just have fun at the movies… also explosions. And funny quips. But mostly fun.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife- Keep the trailers rolling. I will admit that this is not what I expected from this trailer but that kind of made for a better viewing experience. Sure, it would have been easy to put the original cast on screen immediately and cash in on the nostalgia, but Afterlife looks to be trying to tell a different story. Of course, there’s tons of nostalgia but there’s also heart here. Almost as if the movie is exploring why the Ghostbusters have meant so much to us in the first place. Most importantly though, where are they and where have they been? Are there some deep family ties running through this trailer or is it a misdirect? Plus, Paul Rudd!

Image result for watchmen doctor manhattan hboWatchmen finale- One of the best shows on television is wrapping on Sunday and I’m not ready. It has been an absolute blast watching this show as Damon Lindelof has seemingly pulled off the impossible… an excellent sequel to Watchmen. Much like Doctor Manhattan, I have no idea what this finale has in store for us but that’s part of the fun. Watchmen has grabbed my attention from the moment I saw it at NYCC and hasn’t let go since. I’m keeping this brief because I have a Watchmen column in me… I just need to collect my thoughts which can be difficult when this show melts my mind week after week. Sad to see it go but already can’t wait to re-watch it.

There you have it Geeklings, all the best of the upcoming week to get you all types of hyped. As always, if you’ve got something that’s got you all types of excited this week be sure to share it in the comments or throw me a line on the Twitter @iamgeek32. I’ll see everyone back here tomorrow!


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