Bookmarks or Folded Pages?

There are very few things as exciting as new book day. The anticipation of a new story, or a continued story, and the giddiness that follows turning to that first page. The feel of the words in your hand just waiting to dance through your brain. The promise of adventure and the ability to fall in love with characters and the story they live in. New book day is one of the greatest possible days, and today Geeklings, today is new book day.

You may recall way back in January, a whole lifetime ago, I gushed over Hank Green’s An Absolutely Remarkable Thing. Like gushed. We’re talking the type of gushing where you’re hanging out with friends and they want to talk about what you’re going to order for dinner and you just turn around and start rambling about your feelings instead. Your friend is all like “that’s great but are we getting fries or not” but meanwhile you have hearts instead of eyes. It’s a magical feeling and my enthusiasm convinced my wife to read the book…

And she loved it!

I’m thirty-four books deep in my yearly reading, including graphic novels, and An Absolutely Remarkable Thing is still my favorite book of the year. Such a delight. And today Geeklings, today the sequel, A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor was released and all is right in the world. I can’t wait to dive into this thing and the best part is, my wife has a copy too. We’ll be reading together even though she’s a notoriously faster reader than I am and will probably finish ahead of me thus holding the knowledge of the ending over my head like anyone who finishes first should.

Here’s the thing though, my wife prefers reading books in hard copy or as they were once known, actual book form. I can’t blame here. Our apartment closets are littered with crates and crates of books that I don’t have room to display. It took me a long time to transition over to Gandalf the Kindle, despite my fears of what happens to e-readers during the apocalypse, but I’ve never really looked back. I love my Kindle. It’s one of my best friends and I take it everywhere with me. You never know when you’re gonna be stuck in a traffic jam or just be bored someplace and need an escape. I don’t recommend busting out your book at a boring bbq or children’s party because that type of behavior could be considered rude… or awesome depending on the crowd.

It was with my wife’s physical copy of our new book that got me wondering about those of you who still buy physical books. When reading, do you use a bookmark or are you a page folder? You know, “dog-earring” as they call it on the streets. And if you’re one who dog ears, I have a follow-up question. Why are you a monster?

Bookmarks are the only acceptable answer, the only time a book should be damaged is when the spine gets those creases. I loooooove those creases. Shows the book has miles on it, but I feel compelled to create a poll to learn more about you Geeklings. Sure, you can argue that this is a way for me to learn how many heathens read this site and I can assure that this is not a Winter Soldier type scam where I’m going to launch a bunch of aircraft with a planned algorithm to take you out. It’s a bit much and frankly, I don’t have the budget. Truth be told, I’m generally curious.

So what is it Geeklings, is it bookmarks or folded pages? Sound off in the comments or give me your answer over on Twitter @iamgeek32. I’m not going to lie, you will be judged for your answers but I promise not to hold it against you… for too long.

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