2020 The Year Without A Comic Con

Today kind of feels like that moment near the end of Endgame. All of our heroes have dramatically returned from The Snap, I refuse to call it the Blip, and the most epic superhero showdown ever is taking place on screen. Ant-Man is gigantic and punching space monsters in the face. Cap has Thor’s hammer. And then out of the dust emerges Scarlet Witch and she is pissed. With her hands glowing red she looks Thanos in the eyes and tells him that he “took everything” from her. Thanos, being the badass villain that he is, says he doesn’t even know who she is which is true because #timetravel. I think that moment right there perfectly sums up 2020. Or at least captures the feelings of today in a nutshell.

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After much speculation, New York Comic Con has finally decided to cancel this year’s convention. I can’t say that I’m surprised. Well, I’m actually surprised that it took them this long to come to the conclusion that there was no possible way this con could go off this year. Look at SDCC for instance. They canceled at the very start of the pandemic. NYCC took their sweet time and strung fans along for as long as humanly possible. I know it didn’t seem possible especially since the convention center has been used as a makeshift hospital during the pandemic. You knew it wasn’t possible because New York isn’t going to let large gatherings happen any time soon. The only ones who didn’t know this seems to be the people at the head of NYCC. 

But alas, after much consideration, deliberation, stalling, and most recently, a Newsweek article calling the convention out, there will be no New York Comic Con this year. 

Despite the fact that I knew there was no way this was actually going to happen. Despite the fact that even if it had there was no way you were going to find me there. Despite the fact that 2020 takes pride in canceling everything… I’m still bummed. 

New York Comic Con is my go-to event every year. It’s one of the things I look forward to the most and not being able to go this year sucks. Don’t get me wrong, I get it. I’m all for canceling this year and everyone being safe. I’d been calling for an earlier cancellation on Twitter for quite some time. I’m the type of person who would wear a mask in the shower if they told me it would keep me safer, and thousands and thousands of fellow geeks piled on top of each other in a convention center seemed like a hotbed for trouble… and COVID. 

I know in the grand scheme of things one year without NYCC isn’t the end of the world especially in comparison to what is currently happening around us. But I also think it’s okay to be bummed out about these things. It’s okay to feel blue about losing things. That’s normal. Sure, keep everything in perspective and try and understand that safety is what’s most important. But if you feel like cursing or complaining a little bit, don’t feel bad about doing so. 2020 is Thanos in Endgame. It’s taking everything and it doesn’t even know who we are.

Once you’ve finished cursing and complaining try and turn those frowns upside down. Yes, that is an actual sentence I just typed out for your eyeholes. Just think how amazing NYCC 2021 is going to be. It may be a bit different. It may seem a bit weird. But it’ll be even more of a massive celebration. Take those cosplay plans and pause them. The time off allows you to really dive deep into your costumes. Save the money you would have spent this year and save it for 2021. Just think of all the geeky swag you’ll be able to nab next year. Mourn the loss of this years con but start prepping for next year with a vengeance! Cause next year has to be better. Right?! Right?!

…knock on wood


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