The Umbrella Academy- The 43 Sparrows Found!

Confession time. My wife and I have now watched season two of The Umbrella Academy twice and I miss it so badly. We finished the finale last night and both looked at each other like we didn’t know what do with our lives. Sure, we’ve got season two of The Boys in a few weeks and the premiere of Lovecraft Country on Sunday but those aren’t The Umbrella Academy. Like, I honestly believe I could start the season again today and be completely content and enamored by it as I was the previous two times. Or maybe we should start back at season one and work our way all the way through again? My sister and brother-in-law just started so we can have a viewing club type deal. I don’t know, all I know is that I miss the Hargreeves. 

My addiction to The Umbrella Academy has spanned far and wide at this point. I’m following the entire cast on social media. I’m reading Reddit theories. I’m collecting Funko figures. I created a playlist for season one and two on Apple Music and it kicks. I’m about to go through the graphic novels (I’ve only read volume one). I’m so very addicted you guys. 

On top of all this obsession, I’ve been contemplating a re-watch to keep an eye out for the forty-three sparrows that Steve Blackman laced throughout the second season. As we were re-watching my wife and I intended to do this and then just got caught up in the story again and forgot. Mostly we kept pointing out Harlan’s toy bird. I think we mentioned it close to forty-three times. Does that count? 

Good thing there are people on the interwebs who are willing to do all the dirty work for us. I saw a post on Twitter last night from @alejandracmv who not only claimed to have found all forty-three sparrows, one for each of the children born October 1, 1989 but also provided photo evidence! She really put in the leg work here guys, and I thought I would celebrate her efforts and include her findings. Beware, if you’re still searching for the sparrows and don’t want to be spoiled look no further. If you’re feeling lazy and just want to know where to find these birds well, please turn your attention to the following…


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But wait, that’s only ten of the sparrows. What about the other thirty-three? For those you’re either going to have to hunt on your own, this should give you a pretty solid head start, or go visit @alejandracmv’s Twitter page for the rest. She did all the work so she should get all the credit.

Let’s be honest first. How many of you found any of these sparrows? How many of you found all of them? Sound off in the comments or throw me a line over on Twitter @iamgeek32. We can talk all things sparrow related and then maybe start planning a re-watch? Maybe? Please? 


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