Does Disney Have An Online “Con” Planned For 2020?

In a year without comic cons we’ve had to turn our attention to the internet. Even years with cons we turn our attention to the internet but this year more than ever. We can’t go to convention centers because #pandemic so we need to get our fixes somewhere and the internet seems to be the safest place. Well, the safest place not to contract a world stopping virus but not necessarily the safest place if you happen to bring up the fact that you liked The Rise of Skywalker. With that being aid, San Diego Comic Con attempted to do Comic-Con@Home which was… okay. I tuned in for a few panels, mostly The Boys and the Rick and Morty, and enjoyed myself. Did it feel like being at a con? No. Did the weekend provide enough new content to get us hyped for future projects? Also no. There just weren’t enough contributors to allow for that. That’s usually the busiest weekend for pop culture and with everything living in this pandemic purgatory, it’s becoming impossible to predict when things are going to be released or when productions will resume. Unless you’re Tenet which will be hitting oversea theaters later this month because Christopher Nolan refuses to wait any longer. But hey, E for effort for SDCC trying to make good with a crappy situation. Hopefully, this isn’t something they’ll have to do again, who knows though, but I appreciated the fact that we had something to look forward to.

In this new world where conventions have been shelved, we do have online cons to look forward to. ReedPop is doing a Metaverse convention this weekend which looks to be a practice run for what they want to do for New York Comic Con. And in a couple of weeks, we’ll be getting DC’s big Fandome event which should play interesting now after the massive layoffs that occurred earlier this week. It’s always concerning that people within the company describe massive layoffs as a “bloodbath” but I’m sure that ATT&T is hoping that Fandome will be taking eyes away from their mass firings. That’s not to say we shouldn’t be concerned especially when rumors are swirling that these layoffs, that saw the end of DC Universe and massive editorial and staff firings for the comics line, could put the future of DC Comics in question. We’ll cover this at another time but if there’s a company that could use some good press right now it would be DC.

Here’s hoping that Fandome gives it to them. We’ll have twenty-four hours to get our first looks at the upcoming Suicide Squad game as well as the upcoming James Gunn film. We should get a new trailer for Wonder Woman ’84 and the long-anticipated Snyder Cut of Justice League. Then there’s speculation that we’ll get our first official look at Matt Reeve’s Batman with Robert Pattinson under the cowl. And then from there, who knows. Maybe some comic announcements. Maybe some new game announcements. Future movies? Something with The Rock and Black Adam? You know, all that exciting stuff that should hype a ton of future DC projects. One has to believe that, in theory, Fandome should be more successful than Comic-Con@Home because of the content. But we’ll know for sure in a few weeks. The twenty-fou hour window has me raising an eyebrow but nothing lives for twenty-four hours on the internet. There’s a celebrity sex tape joke there, I’m just too lazy to make it.

All this begs the question, what’s Disney up to? Things have been pretty quiet on the Disney front outside of them wanting to charge an additional thirty dollars to view Mulan throwing the streaming service. Black Widow is on the shelf. Falcon and the Winter Soldier is on the shelf. Wandavision… shelf. Eternals… shelf. Pixar movies either coming to the streaming network or shelved. Through all this, Disney has remained rather silent. Something that seems a bit out of the norm especially when you consider all the properties under the Disney banner.

With no D23 this year, one has to wonder if Disney is going to hold an event similar to DC Fandome. I really don’t believe we live in a world where the Mouse would just sit quietly by and allow DC to hold its own online event and hog all the glory. I do believe we live in a world where Disney would see the good and bad of Fandome and then try to trump it in their own way. That seems more like the way of the Mouse. Not really the company to sit idly by and be shown up. 

As of right now though, there’s nothing pending which is strange. You have to figure that Disney has enough material to give us full teasers for Wandavision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and maybe even a new Black Widow trailer. You know, to remind us that this movie does exist and we’ll see it… one day. How about a trailer to the second season of The Mandalorian which is coming in October? How about some Soul news? How about officially announcing that Hailee Steinfeld is going to be playing Kate Bishop in the upcoming Hawkeye series? Maybe some news on the Kenobi series which has been plagued by some concerning rumors. Or maybe a new Star Wars animated project that plays like the sequel to Rebels. Maybe confirm that Rosario Dawson will in fact play a live-action Ahsoka Tano. Seriously, there is no end to the possible Disney announcements. Hell, they could probably host a full week’s worth of online content and announcements and people would show up for it. Like, we’re in the middle of a pandemic and people are lining up for the parks. People want their Disney.

Yet, silence. 

Disney is clearing trying to reshuffle their deck and get things in order but with all these online conventions coming together, I’d be shocked to see Disney continue to sit on the sidelines. What do you think Geeklings? Does Disney have something planned? Is it possible for the Mouse to stay quiet? What do you expect to see? Sound off in the comments or throw me a line over on Twitter @iamgeek32. Cause we all know we need things to look forward to and the more of these online conventions the better. 

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