A Kurt Russell Beard Appreciation Post

The problem after finishing a binge is always trying to figure out what to watch next. Do you jump right into something new? Do you take some time off tv shows and wait for the next big thing? Or do you just re-watch the second season of The Umbrella Academy again? And while that would be an easy solution, I think the wife and I need a couple of days still before we address that issue. Which leads us to a road with nothing to watch. Instead of cycling through Netflix last night and ultimately exhausting ourselves before putting The Office on, we decided to watch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. When in doubt MCU it, I say. 

Listen, I know some of you rank Guardians Vol. 2 rather low or mid-tier on your MCU lists, which I can’t understand for the life of me, but let me tell you, I stand by my ranking of this film. In fact, I was just looking at the I Am Geek MCU Rankings and I can honestly see a world where Guardians Vol. 2 actually moves a little higher on the list. Yeah, I said it. This movie is incredible and could very well be the most emotional film in the entire MCU catalog outside of Endgame

Here’s the thing, when I was doing my MCU rankings and considering where to put Guardians Vol. 2 there was one element I didn’t really consider to its full potential. Kurt Russell. Russell is phenomenal as Ego but it’s more than just the Kurt Russell of it all. I didn’t consider Kurt Russell’s magnificent beard. You would think that majestic beauty would have Guardians Vol. 2 climb at least another two rankings alone. Seriously, look at the thing. It’s mesmerizing. A work of art. 

This of course made me spiral a little. Kurt Russell is a human being who just grows amazing beards. The sky is blue, the grass is green, and Kurt Russell grows incredible beards. Otherwise known as the facts of life. We are powerless to stop it and why would we want to anyway? From The Thing to Guardians, Kurt Russell has graced us with such magical facial hair that I think we under-appreciate it. Well, I say no more! Today we shall appreciate Kurt Russell and his sublime beards. We shall scream from the rooftops, so others will look in this direction, see these pictures of Kurt Russell, and exclaim, “my god, that man has the most breathtaking beard!” 

Seriously Geeklings, that’s the post. Behold the majestic beauty of Kurt Russell and his beard…

KR Beard 1KR Beard 2KR Beard 3KR Beard 4KR Beard 5KR Beard 6KR Beard 7KR Beard 8


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