The Boys Season Two Trailer- Violence, Mayhem, and Billy Joel

What?! Double the trailer goodness today?! That’s right, not only did we get a brand new trailer for season two of The Umbrella Academy but Amazon decided that today would make a most terrific day to drop the trailer for season two of The Boys. And Geeklings, they weren’t wrong. It’s odd, I’ve always kind of associated these shows together. They don’t have much in common minus people with super powers but for some reason I see them as adjacent. As Netflix and Amazon’s way of competing against each other in the superhero market without any Marvel or DC ties. Or maybe this is their way of competing against Disney and HBO? I don’t know, there’s a competition here for sure but I like to think of The Umbrella Academy and The Boys as kind of cousins. 

Coming off yesterday’s announcement that there will be a short film about Karl Urban’s character Billy Butcher to serve as a lead in to season two, we get our first official look at this upcoming second season. Well, it’s really our second if you count the sneak peak we got with Black Noir where he kills everything.

If you thought that The Boys were going to dial it back this season then this sneak peak probably made you second guess that. In fact, I think they’re doubling down on the gore. Did you see Black Noir take that guys face and… *gags*

Then again this trailer might actually be or third look at this upcoming season. Don’t forget we got that behind the scenes footage of a new superhero, Stormfront (aslo a Billy Joel song), being introduced to The Seven. You know, the one who got approved without consulting with Homelander thus sending him into a tizzy of rage and confusion.

Today’s trailer gives us our first “official” look to this upcoming season and is set to the majestic sounds of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire”. Preacher really proved that there is world out there where Billy Joel songs can be used as the soundtrack to some pretty spectacular, not to mention uber violent, brawls. And as a kid from Long Island… I’m thankful for this. 

Man, I think I’m just going to be living in Hype Town, USA all day today. This second season looks bananas. The boys are on the run and their names are all over the news. Homelander is in a mood which is terrifying considering he was in a mood last season too. Dude is just all types of unstable. Butcher seems to be in hiding which adds some mystery to the way season one ended. And there is a bunch of over the top violent action. You know, everything you would come to expect from The Boys. I wonder how they’ll top last year’s Spice Girl speech. May I suggest Billy Joel lyrics? 

What do you think Geeklings, you excited about season two? What was your favorite part of the trailer? Do you just want to sing Billy Joel all day too? Sound off in the comments for throw me a line on Twitter @iamgeek32. Let me know what your favorite trailer was today. Let’s break these things down.

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