The Mandalorian- The Trailer That Wasn’t But The Cover Story That Was

I woke up this morning with a bit of premonition. Something I was feeling in my bones or the tent poles to your skin. Now premonitions can be tricky things. Sometimes you wake up with the premonition that today is going to be one of those days. You get that feeling like there’s this invisible fog wall of doom you’re walking through until something goes wrong and all at once the fog wall disperses and you’re left feeling icky. Those premonitions suck out loud. No one wants that. I especially didn’t want that this morning considering this is my first day back to work post-vacation and we all know the rat’s nest that can be. I like to keep a running tab on at what point during the day where it feels like I never went on vacation. I call it Sad Game. 

There are also positive premonitions. The ones you feel in your gut or the housing structure for your food. These are the type of premonitions where you know something awesome is going to happen. You’re going to get that job, get that date, beat that game, or anything else that could really turn a day from a bag of suck to a bag of awesome. These are the best premonitions and I wish they happened more often… for all of us. I think we could all use a bag of awesome right now.

Then there are the premonitions like the one I had this morning. The one where you just know in your soul, or the place where your awesome lives, that today is going to be the day that we get the trailer to season two of The Mandalorian. Seriously Geeklings, I woke up this morning and I felt it. We were due after last week’s announcement. The time was now, and I was giddy for it. October 30th will be here before you know it and I’m ready to get my Mando on and catch a glimpse of LBY (Little Baby Yods). This is what the world needs right now. More LBY.

Here’s the thing though… I was wrong.

Turns out we didn’t get a trailer for season two, son of a-, but we did get an Entertainment Weekly cover story with some first look pictures and scoop. And what are pictures if not trailers that don’t move? While we didn’t get the trailer today, I do see this as a major flex on how well in tune I am with the geeky universe. I was close. Almost like I willed this into existence. Kneel before Zodd! 

Anyway, while we didn’t get a trailer we did get a bunch of super adorable pictures of Little Baby Yods in a satchel which could be this falls hottest fashion trend and has me considering if this could work with Hudson the Cat. At the very least, I’m seriously considering finally purchasing that Sideshow Collectibles life like LBY and then carrying it around in a satchel. Everywhere. I’d be happy with either or honestly. I’m a simple man. But seriously, look at these pictures because there’s a lot more going on here besides heart-stopping levels of adorableness. Like that one picture of Mando and LBY where it looks like they’re about to drop the hottest mixtape this side of Tatooine. This first look at season two has the excitement levels charting through the roof.

Besides pictures though we did get some scoop on what to expect this season. Things like, I don’t know, how Moff Gideon will not only be wielding the Dark Saber but could also share some screen time with The Child!??! Gus Fring vs Little Baby Yods?!?! I need this. The column also alluded to the rumors of Ahsoka, Boba Fett, and Bo-Katan with a cast member saying some of those rumors are true but didn’t specify. One has to believe that Disney approved this write up and the fact that those rumors are kept in the column is a big deal. We also learned that Mando will continue to evolve, the universe will expand, Dave Filoni is Star Wars, George Lucas was on set with a twinkle in his eye, we’re probably returning to Tatooine if that bantha has anything to say about it, and the relationship with Mando and LBY will continue to grow in wonderful ways.

In other words, enough scoop to get our hearts pounding and raising the trailer anticipation even higher. Perhaps next week? I might have a premonition brewing… 

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