The Mandalorian Season 2 Release Date and What It Means For Other Disney+ Shows

We’ve been living in a world with a serious lack of The Mandalorian season two information. We’ve heard that the show wrapped production before COVID hit shutting everything down. We’ve heard rumors that Ahsoka Tano would be appearing with Sabine Wren from Rebels to kickstart a new spinoff series. We know there have been rumors that Boba Fett could be returning or his armor could be returning and worn by Timothy Olyphant. We know there have been other rumors saying that Bo-Katan could be showing up exploring what happened to her grasp of the Dark Saber. All these rumors were enough to make a Rebels or Clone Wars fan go insane with excitement. A fan like myself for example who has been straight up losing with with each rumor announcement. What we didn’t have was any concrete information on the upcoming season.

Until today.

Disney, after a couple of weeks of rumors that a trailer was incoming but never arrived, decided that today would be a most excellent day to give us some Mandalorian information. Mostly in the form of the season two release date. October 30th, 2020, nearly two months away. More or less. I’m not here to do math. All I’m here to do is tell you that we finally know when Mando, Little Baby Yods, and these side Star Wars adventures are returning.

And you would think that that would be enough to get my to board the hype train buuuuuuuuuut… listen, I’ve been aboard this hype train ever since season one ended and I’ve been damn near fighting the conductor to drive ever since the first whispers of Ahsoka started. I just, I don’t know. I want that trailer guys. I want to see that footage. I want a glimpse of precious Little Baby Yoda in a time where we need the healing power of Little Baby Yoda. I want to see the rumored footage filmed specifically for the trailer of Ahsoka kicking some bounty hunter ass. I need it. And while this announcement is exciting, and a little convenient in timing considering John Boyega’s eye-opening interview, I’m left wanting a little bit more. Knowing what we know about Disney, I don’t expect a trailer for a few weeks still but who knows. The Boyega interview made some startling observations and I can see a world where Disney wants to try and hide from that and give us a Mandalorian trailer. Is that the right thing to do? No. Disney should certainly listen to what he’s saying but then again these big corporations do like to hide behind things. Who knows. All we know is that Mando is coming at the end of October and that this will most likely be the only live-action Disney+ series this year.

That’s right, Disney kind of hid that bummer with this release date. Heading into this year it seemed that Disney+ had it lined up to give us new content at a pace that would bring us to the end of the year. Starting with Falcon and The Winter Soldier (which re-starts production next week!) in August, Mando in October, and Wandavision in December. We were set to be stupidly spoiled with new Disney owned content. Then #COVID and we’re barely getting anything now.

The Mandalorian season two coming so late in October almost guarantees that Disney is pushing the rest of this year’s new content to next year. Maybe we get double the new content next year but as for 2020, it looks like Mandalorian season two will be it for live-action Disney+ series. It’s one of those bittersweet bummers. At least we have those big dark eyes of Baby Yoda to get lost in preventing 2020 from being a complete bust.

This is the way.

What do you think Geeklings? Are you excited for season two of The Mandalorian? When do you think we’ll get a trailer? Do you think any of the rumors of character appearances are true? Be sure to sound off in the comments or if you’d like to discuss further then throw me a line over on Twitter @iamgeek32. Let the count down to more Mando begin! 

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