Wandavision- New Promo Raises Big Questions But Did We Need It?

What the what?! Geeklings, I have spent three out of the last four workdays on endless Zoom training and my earbuds for some reason don’t stay connected so I have to actually attach earphones to my laptop, which limits my mobility and hurts my ears, as the instructor goes on and on and on and on until my face looks like a cartoon character who met a bad end in Roger Rabbit. I literally have a half-hour every morning before training starts so I take those thirty minutes to try and figure out what important everyday work tasks I’ll be ignoring because of this training and then maaaaybe jump on Twitter for a second to hang my head in shame that I didn’t get in on those Game Stop stocks before they blew up. This trailer in my feed, was a pleasant, yet, unexpected surprise.

There’s still a whole lot we don’t know about Disney+ television shows. All we’ve had is The Mandalorian and Wandavision. It seems that trailers and ads for the shows are done as a lead-up and then no weekly teasers until the early mornings of the release date where if you follow the show on Twitter you get like a ten-second teaser. And that’s being generous. It’s mostly the show logo with a spliced up scene. I imagine that those within Star Wars and Marvel would think to let the property speak for itself. Not a bad gamble by any means and I’d be hard-pressed to disagree with them. That’s what makes this teaser really intriguing to me.

Last week’s episode of Wandavision not only saw the birth of the twins, Young Avengers fans get hyped, but also saw our first real crack in this bubble that Wanda has created in Westview. Maybe crack isn’t the right word considering that we actually see the outside world in non-sitcom fashion. A post-Endgame world if you will and that left us with a lot of questions including, why is “Daydream Believer” such a banger. But also things like, did Wanda just take over some random town? Where did this energy field come from? Are all those helicopters and bright lights SWORD or does that belong to someone else? What happens next?

It appears that those at Marvel want us to have a rough idea of what’s going to happen next. There is no denying that Wandavision is a high concept series that borrows elements from shows like LOST and Twin Peaks which could be conflicting for the average MCU viewer; those who just want to watch straight-up superhero stories without all this confusing sitcom subtext. I am not one of those people as I’m loving everything Wandavision has been doing, but I do understand that others could be struggling. This teaser certainly seems like a nudge to those casual fans that says, “Hey, you’re going to get answers. Things will make sense. See? No sitcoms. Just people explaining what’s going on in a world that you love.”

Now, I don’t believe that Wandavision views are disappointing, the MCU has been gone for over a year and people have been anxious to get back to it, but this teaser does seem to be calling fans back who may have bounced after Wanda freaked out about the sewer beekeeper or maybe it’s asking them to hang around. I get that. Wandavision was never intended to kick start Phase Four and this teaser lets people know that the MCU they know and love is literally lurking underneath the surface.

It also poses a bunch of new questions that I can’t wait to see explored. Darcy, from the Thor films, is back and one would imagine she’s there to study the science of the energy field. I wonder if she’s bringing her intern with her. That cork board she’s staring at has me super curious though. It looks like all the inhabitants of Westview are there with files attached to their pictures. Is that because they’re SWORD Agents or is this just what SWORD has learned about them? This image alone seemed like a lot for a teaser to give away considering it’s one of the show’s central mysteries.

Then we have the arrival of Agent Woo, from Ant-Man and The Wasp, serving some new questions as well. Is he still with the FBI? Is he working for SWORD now? Is he just there because he loves magic and he’s hoping Wanda will explain Scott’s card trick to him? But he’s outside the energy field talking to… Monica Rambeau?!? Yes, the little girl from Captain Marvel. Say whaaaaat?!

That’s a lot of information to dump on people in forty seconds or so of teaser. And while I’m excited to watch episode four of Wandavision, and yes this teaser made me even more excited, I don’t think we needed it. I would have much rather have gone into the show not knowing what to expect, much like I have the last couple of weeks. This little spot seemed to be more about confirming to the casual fan that the MCU they know is still here and they should stick with the series. Something I don’t think Marvel really needs to do.

But what do I know?

What did you think Geeklings? Did this trailer make you more hyped for tomorrow’s episode? Do you think we even needed a teaser like this? Sound off in the comments below or throw me a line over on Twitter @iamgeek32. Let’s talk this thing out and maybe throw some theories against the wall and once we finish that, I’ll see you all in Westview! 

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