Did WandaVision Just Set Up A Potential Captain Marvel 2 Conflict?

Episode five of WandaVision sure dropped some drone sized bombshells on us, didn’t it? Also, why are we firing missiles from a drone at children?! I know they might not actually exist but come on, that’s bad form SWORD. Why did you have to wait for Wanda to come outside? If you were intent on firing at her from the jump, why not just blow up the house? It’s clear that you don’t care for the safety of imaginary children, might as well go all in.

Okay, rant over.

SWORD’s questionable actions aside, this episode sure did pack in a ton of new nuggets to get the theory wheels spinning. From Wanda leaving the Hex and going full Magneto with the guns to Vision stating he doesn’t remember anything before Westview alllllllll the way to Wanda being unable to bring the dead back to life and the recasting of Quicksilver… with the Fox version of Quicksilver! Each week of this show seems to up the stakes higher and higher. As could be seen in the post-argument fallout, it appears that Wanda isn’t holding things together too well as these stakes raise. She’s not sure how this all started nor is she in control of every little action that takes place within the town she’s currently holding hostage. Sorry Norm, looks like when it’s time to walk the dog it’s not Wanda pulling those strings that little guy might actually have to tinkle, just be sure to keep him away from the zayla bushes.

Among all the big revelations in Episode five, “On A Very Special Episode…”, there seemed to be one hidden in plain sight that could largely impact the future of the Captain Marvel franchise or at least hint at a direction that Captain Marvel 2 could be heading. Our trio of Jimmy, Darcy, and Monica while discussing the events of Westville had the conversation the majority of MCU fans have had in this post-Endgame world at one time or another. “Wanda could have beaten Thanos by herself if Thanos didn’t cheat. You know what, Captain Marvel could have beaten Thanos by herself too! If Thanos didn’t cheat.” I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve had this specific conversation when talking about the most powerful characters in the MCU and it’s nice to be represented by Jimmy Woo and Darcy; our meta-commentary duo who I’m shipping ever so hard.

Now, there was a moment within this discussion that’s worth pointing out. When the Captain Marvel name drop was delivered, there was an obvious shift in character from Monica Rambeau that certainly implied that her relationship with Carol Danvers is now rocky at best. If you recall, the last time we saw Monica, she was a child helping Carol pick out what color her new suit was going to be. Since then the timeline in the MCU has been active. With the first Captain Marvel taking place in the ‘90s there is a lot with Carol’s story that we have yet to see before she got her haircut in Endgame and almost single-handedly took out the Mad Titan. And judging by Monica’s frosty behavior at her mention… maybe not everything has been good.

We know that Captain Marvel spends the majority of her time up in space because space is the coolest. I’d hang out in space if I could too. I mean, that’s where the Guardians of the Galaxy are and I very much want to hang out with those guys. Endgame made it known that Carol is doing a lot of work. There are a number of planets in the universe and not all of them have Avenger like teams like earth. It’s not out of the realm of possibility to believe that Carol’s duties to the universe kept her away from earth for quite some time. Long enough for a little girl to become bitter about missing her “aunt”. I can especially see that bitterness taking root if Carol wasn’t around for when Maria got sick. That would be enough to make Monica feel abandoned by Carol, especially during such an emotionally trying time, and begin to grow a bit of resentment toward Captain Marvel. For all, we know Monica woke up from the Blip and not only lost her mother but felt as if she lost Carol as well. That’s a tough way to come back into this new world. Even tougher than appearing in a hospital room to find out you’ve been missing for five years.

What this means for Captain Marvel 2 is yet to be seen but it appears like Carol Danvers is going to have some personal conflict to deal with when/if she comes back to earth. If you read the comics then you might have a rough idea of the path that lays ahead for Monica and what those blank x-rays could mean toward her continued journey in the MCU. I’m not saying that this relationship can’t be repaired but the loss of Monica could be enough to ground Captain Marvel back on earth and take stock in what’s supposed to be most important. Relationships could be a large part of Captain Marvel 2 especially with the upcoming introduction of Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan, a character who is known for her admiration/obsession with Carol Danvers. Could we be heading down a path where Carol sees the mistakes in her relationship with Monica and tries to course-correct them through mentoring Kamala?

There’s always the possibility that Monica turns into a Captain Marvel foe but I’m not really buying that theory at this moment. Not unless something super dramatic goes down in WandaVision. Right now, I am fully behind Monica Rambeau and think she’s the future of SWORD which one would believe could bring her directly in contact with Captain Marvel. I find her character would be better served being put in a position full of inner turmoil that pits her job and her loyalties to the test. Either way, WandaVision has effortlessly set the table for Captain Marvel 2 showing that the ripples and ramifications of this story are going to rip through the MCU for some time.

What do you think Geeklings, what could have happened to make Monica less than thrilled to hear Captain Marvel’s name? Does Carol Danvers have some explaining to do? Sound off in the comments below or throw me a line over on Twitter @iamgeek32. Let’s talk this thing through before Wanda recasts me. 

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