I Am Geek MCU Movie Rankings (Updated)

I’ve been quarantined or social distancing for close to four months at this point. Four. Months. That’s crazy. In four months, I’ve played a lot of Animal Crossing, I’ve binged a lot of television, we’re talking amounts that would be alarming to others, and I’ve read a number of books and graphic novels. In those four months, as previously discussed, I have not gone to … Continue reading I Am Geek MCU Movie Rankings (Updated)

In Defense of Star Lord

I have wanted to write this column for quite some time but the circumstances never felt quite right. I would start and abandoned. Would test my words while drinking with friends but never put those words to paper. But I’ve wanted to. With Endgame coming out tonight, this felt like the right time to broach this subject. Seriously, folks, Endgame is hours away and I’m supposed to be sitting at … Continue reading In Defense of Star Lord