WandaVision- So, What’s the Deal With Agnes?!

Have you ever wondered what will happen to the citizens of Westview after Wanda, and whoever could possibly/maybe manipulating her leave town? What state are these people going to be in? Will their lives return to normal as if nothing happened? Will Norm get to call his sister? Will the other citizens just resume Taco Tuesdays as if they weren’t being forced to be apart of some grief-filled therapy that saw them take rolls in a sitcom that really wasn’t airing on television? Or is it possible to believe that they’ll all be changed? Look at Monica, clearly going into the Hex altered her in some capacity and now I have to sit here worried that the same thing could be happening to dear sweet Darcy. Is this how the MCU introduces mutants, in some House of M-like reversal? Could something more diabolical be occurring to those who have entered the Hex? Arrrggghh, I want answers!

Patience is the key though and I’m willing to be patient. I for one have been enjoying the hell out of this weekly format so I’ve got the time. And while the answers to the above questions have yet to be seen I would argue that that’s one of the wonderful aspects of this weekly release schedule. We’ve had six Marvel-ous weeks to discuss, theorize, and bang our heads against a wall as we wait for answers to come our way. And with only three episodes left, chances are answers are going to start at a Quicksilver breakneck speed. Just don’t forget, if you’re going to break the sound barrier, be sure to bring your brother with you. The only problem with getting answers means the journey is over. Despite the fact that WandaVision is leading into other MCU properties, I’m not quite ready to say goodbye just yet.

Over these next few weeks, we should expect to learn how Wanda took residence in Westview. Someone is hopefully going to explain if that’s actually Pietro or some kind of evil manifestation of Wanda’s brother. By the end of this series, we’ll know if Vision and his decaying vibranium can exist outside of Westview and if not what that would mean for Wanda going forward. If she lost Vision once, what’s going to happen if she loses him twice? We haven’t even touched on what’ll happen to the twins. My god, there is so much left to be discovered, how about that creepy ass shark commercial (?!), and only three weeks left to find out. That’s less than a month. Then poof on to The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Yet, something tells me there is going to be a lasting impact from WandaVision that’s going to greatly affect the MCU going forward.

Now, where does that leave Agnes? Yes, Agnes. You know, the one person in Westview who kind of sort of knows what’s going on. Who isn’t afraid to ask Wanda if she should “take it from the top”. The type of person who doesn’t freak out when infant twins age six years in seconds. You know, Agnes, one of the biggest mysteries in the show currently?

So yeah, in my best Jerry Seinfeld voice, what’s the deal with Agnes?!

Here’s the thing, if you would’ve asked me this five weeks ago I would have looked you straight in the eye and told you that she’s Agatha Harkness from the comics, also a witch, and she’s probably working the Hex from the inside. I would have also told you that I believe that Agnes is working with someone, most likely Mephisto, to manipulate Wanda and her actions. Why?! No clue yet but I was positive that’s what was going on. I was allowing years and years of comic book reading to be my guide. The clues were all there too. We know from episode five that Wanda is not controlling everything within the Hex and I was willing to bet house money that the “she” Norm was freaking out about wasn’t Wanda but Agnes. And then the Halloween episode happened.

I love how Marvel trolls its fans. Having Agnes dressed as a witch seemed like Marvel delivering one of Kathryn Hahn’s signature WandaVision winks to the audience. It felt ever so deliberate… until she started speaking. Then my weeks of theories and beliefs started to tremble like a Jenga tower where people keep taking pieces from the sides as opposed from the middle. Stop. Doing. That.

It certainly seemed like Agnes was just another Westview citizen being held against her will, didn’t it? She was panicked, frazzled, and had a glimmer of hope upon seeing Vision. Because Vision is an Avenger and the Avengers rescue people in need… unless said Avenger is dead. Something Agnes also knew as she shouted it at Vision over and over and over again like a really crappy reminder for Vision’s worst possible day. Good thing he can’t remember dying twice in the span of five minutes.

Now, it would seem that this scene was intended to make us detectives second guess Agnes and her motives. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly felt bad for her in the moment and was left scratching my head. How could this not be Agatha Harkness?! Her name is Agnes for Christ’s sake, they’re trolling us. They made her a freaking witch for the Halloween episode. They know what they’re doing here! Stop inserting doubt into my theories Marvel, I work all week on these things!

Then it dawned on me, this is a red herring. Has to be. There’s no way Agnes is just some lady who lives in Westview or even Jimmy Woo’s missing person (which is possible). Think about it, what was she doing all the way out there on the cusp of town where all the people are frozen. She was plotting. She deliberately drove out there, where she knows Wanda’s powers reach its limits, allowed herself to be frozen in the simulation… so she could try and get Vision off the board!

It makes the most sense. Who is the one character within Westview who could possibly stop Wanda? Who is the one character who is growing suspicious of the town of Westview? Who’s the one character to bring this all crashing down? The answer to all of these questions is clearly Vision and if Agnes is actually the “she” that Norm was scared of then she would do anything she could to keep her power over Wanda and Westview. Even if that meant killing Vision for a second, um, third time. Because after his brief convo with Agnes, where she reminded him that he was very much dead, Vision does the one thing no one else in Westview has done. He tries to leave to save the people, and it almost kills him. Because that’s what heroes do.

If this is the case, then Agnes is playing a very dangerous game as Wanda’s response was to expand the Hex far enough to recapture Vision thus keeping him alive. And if Wanda was having issues controlling just Westview, what’s she going to do now that the circus is in town? We also have to wonder if Vision will retain any memories from what just transpired or did his re-emergence in the Hex give him a clean slate? Something that would benefit both Wanda and Agnes as a Vision who doesn’t know what’s going on allows this insanity to continue. But if Vision recalls that conversation it could finally center Wanda’s attention on the neighbor who happens to be there at all the right moments.

The bigger question is the why though. Why would Agnes be doing this to Wanda? What’s in it for her? Is she acting alone? How did she learn to wink so amazingly?! And how is Pietro involved? Again, these are answers I expect to come to the surface in the next three weeks but in the meantime, it sure is fun wondering what the hell is going on.

What about you Geeklings? Who do you think Agnes is? Is she manipulating Wanda or is she just another citizen trapped in Westview? Sound off in the comments below or throw me a line over on Twitter @iamgeek32. We’ve got three days until the next episode and I want to hear your best theories before we get swallowed by another Hex expansion.


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