Have We Seen The Mr. Robot Ending?

When you take a moment to think about it, 2019 has kind of been the year of endings. Such a large number of things that I love have been calling it quits this year. Whether it was Game of Thrones, The Good Place/BoJack Horseman (really ending in 2020 but 2019 started the ball rolling), Endgame is ushering a new era for the MCU, the final chapter in Breaking Bad … Continue reading Have We Seen The Mr. Robot Ending?

Emmys: Tell Me You’re Seeing This Too

This column appeared on Fan Fest News yesterday but I really enjoyed writing it so I thought I would throw it up here for my Geeklings. You know, just in case you’re not reading my every word on Fan Fest, which confuses me. Shouldn’t you guys be reading everything I write?  I am a television geek which I’m sure comes to the surprise of none … Continue reading Emmys: Tell Me You’re Seeing This Too

Mr. Robot- Reaching Breaking Bad Status?

I originally wrote this column for Fan Fest News the other day, but if I’m speaking honestly I really liked it and wanted to share it here with my Geeklings as well. It does contain a number of spoilers to the second season of Mr. Robot so tread lightly. Otherwise enjoy! There are all types of television shows. There are sitcoms that people put on … Continue reading Mr. Robot- Reaching Breaking Bad Status?

Geeking Out: Mr. Robot

Thanksgiving to mid-January is a tough time to be a television fan. All the shows tend to go on holiday break leaving you, the viewer, with very little to watch. There’s almost this feeling of abandonment. Why would you leave me (insert show title of your choice here)? I watch you. I talk about you. Come baaaaaaaaaccccckkkkk. Times like these is when I like to find … Continue reading Geeking Out: Mr. Robot