I Am Geek MCU Movie Rankings (Updated)

I’ve been quarantined or social distancing for close to four months at this point. Four. Months. That’s crazy. In four months, I’ve played a lot of Animal Crossing, I’ve binged a lot of television, we’re talking amounts that would be alarming to others, and I’ve read a number of books and graphic novels. In those four months, as previously discussed, I have not gone to … Continue reading I Am Geek MCU Movie Rankings (Updated)

Endgame: One Low Key #Fangirl’s Perspective  

by Tiffani Bennett Where do I begin?  No, seriously, where do I begin?  How do you even start a conversation about Endgame when there is so much to unpack?  I mean, it was a three-hour movie which has been building up over the past eleven years and twenty-one movies.  What else would you expect? Obviously, this column is about the whole movie so there are … Continue reading Endgame: One Low Key #Fangirl’s Perspective