Indiana Jones and The Upcoming Video Game

I’ve recently started working in my office again. Gone are the days of sweatpants, bathrobes, and fun pop-culture-themed t-shirts. Gone are the days where I could turn around and open my refrigerator for food, going to the bedroom to say hello to my wife, or pet the head of Hudson the Cat. I am officially integrating back into the “at work” workforce and I’m adjusting. Seriously, pants with buttons… kind of useless, right? Pants with buttons are the Zack Snyder DC films of the fashion world. Who asked for these and why are we still making them?

Anyway, I’m in my office today and work has been busy. I’ve been getting slammed this week and it’s only Tuesday which doesn’t give me a great deal of hope for what the rest of the week/month has in store for me. How busy have I been? I’m glad you asked Geeklings, I’m so busy that when I leave work my phone is still in the seventy percentish area… without a re-charge. Whooooa, mind-blowing, right?! Two days in a row that’s happened. I feel so cut off from the rest of the world. Which I suppose isn’t necessarily a terrible thing when the world is currently filled with men who dress in buffalo cosplay and think that it’s alright to storm the Capitol Building, but I digress.

In the midst of all this work, my office has lost the capability to control the heat. Seriously, my office has become a person who was injected with Extremis but can’t control it so it just explodes into a heat bomb. Super cool. Well, not literally. Why is this a thing that I have to experience?! You know a work environment that didn’t feel like a sauna?  My kitchen office at home. You know what else that office had? Food and a cat. Ugh, as you can tell I’m still adjusting to this transition and the heat isn’t helping. I have this problem where my ears get hot first and then that trickles down to the rest of my body. Then the rest of my body turns into Mt. Doom.

Now during all this overheating and piling of work, my buddy sent me a message on Twitter (what up TJ) and I actually had a free moment to see what he was sending over. And let me tell you Geeklings, this little Tweet came across as a much-needed life preserver as the waves in the sea of work hell were mounting. Then suddenly, everything kind of mellowed out. Almost if I had just hit a storm pocket and now for reasons, only weather could explain there was the sun and zero clouds in the sky. Of course, the clouds and waves returned but please just allow me to reflect on this moment fondly. I didn’t have too many of them.

 Geeklings, we’re getting an Indiana Jones video game! From Bethesda. Are you freaking kidding me?! As soon as I saw those stacks of books the brain wheels started spinning, “wow, this has a serious Indiana Jones vibe to it. They didn’t start production on number five did they?”, and then there’s the whip reveal and suddenly I was a kid again at the playground with my dad pretending to be Doctor Jones. Me, not him. And the prospect of an Indiana Jones game makes all the sense. As much as a fifth film is exciting, and that excitement may vary on how you feel about the Crystal Skull, it seems like video games are the perfect medium for these continued adventures.

Yes, of course, the big money is in the movies or at least it used to be before the world shut down and told us we weren’t allowed to have fun anymore. But from a storytelling perspective video games seem like a perfect place for Indy. Think about it, what is the Uncharted series if not a supped-up Indiana Jones? And we all love Uncharted! I would argue that a strong percentage of those feelings come from our love of Nathan Fillion, who isn’t in the game but clearly is the basis of Nathan Drake, but that might be an argument for another day. Maybe. That’s not the point, the point is people love playing games where they hunt for archeological shiz. And the fact of the matter is there would be no Nathan Drake or Laura Croft without Indiana Jones.

One of the great aspects of video game characters, they don’t get old. I mean, sure some do based on the story that’s being told but look at Mario, that dude hasn’t aged since I was like six. The biggest aging aspect to Mario in my life has to be the inclusion of nipples. I don’t know what that signifies in video game years but it’s got to count for something. Real-life actors though don’t have this same problem. I love Harrison Ford and I honestly can’t see anyone else playing Doctor Jones but he’s not going to be able to do this forever. In fact, I’m kind of shocked that he’s able to do it for a fifth time. My guy is seventy-eight years old. There’s no way he wants to be playing Indiana Jones for the rest of his life. In fact, I’d wager a bet that all Ford wants to do is fly his planes and maybe work on safely landing them.

Video games give him the out. We can get alllllll the Indiana Jones adventures and maybe someone can convince Ford to do the voice work, and considering his recent Star Wars grumpiness I would not sign up for this task, and if he declines, I’m okay with a voice actor who comes close. What matters is that Indy will look like Indy and that will preserve the nostalgia in my heart as I whip the sword out of some bad guy’s hand. Hell, I’d even be happy with young Indy with a River Phoenix-like avatar. See what I mean? Video games give us all these story possibilities, Indiana Jones doesn’t belong in a museum he belongs on our video game consoles!

What do you think Geeklings, are you excited about this upcoming Indiana Jones video game project? Have you been practicing your whip skills since Crystal Skull dropped? What kind of story do you hope gets explored? Be sure to sound off in the comments below or let’s talk all things Indy over on Twitter @iamgeek32. Doctor Jones is coming back into our lives and you’re going to want to play as soon as possible. I’d hate to see any of you… choose poorly. 

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