Indiana Jones and The Upcoming Video Game

I’ve recently started working in my office again. Gone are the days of sweatpants, bathrobes, and fun pop-culture-themed t-shirts. Gone are the days where I could turn around and open my refrigerator for food, going to the bedroom to say hello to my wife, or pet the head of Hudson the Cat. I am officially integrating back into the “at work” workforce and I’m adjusting. … Continue reading Indiana Jones and The Upcoming Video Game

Yes, Mario Has Nipples

I’ve written over 400 columns for I Am Geek (#humblebrag) but this by far has to be my favorite headline. It’s fantastic in how absurd it is, yet, it’s a very real thing. At some point last night I went on the interwebs and checked Twitter (@iamgeek32) and saw that there was a lot of chatter about Mario from Nintendo. In fact, there was a lot of very specific chatter … Continue reading Yes, Mario Has Nipples

Texting Fictional Characters

Over the weekend I finished playing the Mr. Robot mobile game and I discovered something. I love texting fictional characters! Which probably sounds strange if you know nothing about the game but allow me to give you a little background. The entire game is kind of a choose your own adventure/text based game with the characters of Mr. Robot. Mostly Darlene and Elliot, but mostly Darlene. The game spans about four … Continue reading Texting Fictional Characters