On Your Left- Could Chris Evans Be Returning As Captain America?!

There I was mid-morning trying to plan out my writing avenue for the day. What would the topic be? How long would I spend rambling? Is the topic interesting enough to bring in your eyeholes? You know, the usual stuff that tumbles through my head whenever I think about writing anything for the site. For those wondering, yes this happens every. Single. Time. Think of my mind like a slot machine with geeky content whirling through and all I want to do is match up all the “apples” so I can write something interesting. Luckily, this would be mental casino smells less like smoke and I never run out of “coins”. I could do without all the noise though…

After sorting through some work distractions, otherwise known as work, I finally settled on talking about Amazon’s upcoming ultra-expensive Lord of the Rings television series. I was going to break down what the show was about, what to look forward to when to expect it, and just the stupid amounts of money being thrown into the show. I’m talking Scrooge McDuck levels of coin. I had everything set. My talking points. My jokes. The works! And then I made the “mistake” of hoping on Twitter and everything changed. Just like that, I had to scrap an entire mentally written column. Purged from my brain like I was Homer Simpson. “Every time I learn something new it pushes some old stuff out of my brain.”

The first thing I see when I opened my Twitter app had nothing to do with impeachments or arrests of buffalo cos-players, nope, this news was far better if you could believe it. Deadline was reporting that Chris Evans was finalizing talks with Marvel Studios to RETURN AS CAPTAIN AMERICA! Yeah, some pretty big news that sent the rest of my day into a whirlwind of awesome.

Geeklings, I’ll be honest. While I loved the closure to Cap’s arc in Avengers Endgame, I sobbed like the emotionally overwhelmed man child that I am, I couldn’t help but feel bummed that he would be leaving the MCU. Evans’s portrayal of Captain America has been one of my favorite aspects of the MCU, Team Cap for life, and it was hard to imagine what life in the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be without him. Don’t get me wrong, I loved that they chose Falcon as his replacement and I’m very much looking forward to how his story plays out in the upcoming Falcon and the Winter Soldier (out March). I was just going to miss Cap. He’s the heart of the MCU and Chris Evans embodies him so brilliantly. If you follow Evans on Twitter then you know there’s a pretty good chance that he’s transcended the films and just picked up the mantle of Captain America in real life. I almost said “IRL” but that made me feel weird inside much like eating toast with butter on it. I’m going to eat it but I’d rather not.

Now with Evans’s possible return, Deadline reporting this seems to be going down despite no comment from Marvel, this begs the question to what capacity will Steve Rogers be rejoining the MCU? Deadline reports that the return would be a supporting role much like Robert Downey Jr. signed on for during the back half of his Marvel days and wouldn’t be another Captain America film. Although, the contract would leave the door open for Evans to return in another Marvel property. I would imagine that it would be a more significant return than his appearance in Thor The Dark World.

So, where can we expect to see Steve Rogers again? Easy money would be an appearance in the upcoming Falcon and the Winter Solider as Old Man Cap helping to further guide Sam into the role of Captain America. It would be great to see that Joe Biden look-alike again but that’s not where the money is. No. I’m like eighty-five percent sure that Falcon has wrapped shooting and if you’re going to bring Steve Rogers out it’s going to be more than just a five-minute appearance in an episode. You’re going to want some action.

How about the upcoming Secret Invasion series? Could we learn that Cap is a Skrull? Has been a Skrull? Could now be a Skrull? Kevin Feige has mentioned that Secret Invasion would not boast the sizeable cast like the comic and would center more on Nick Fury and Talos, but it certainly would be a bombshell to learn that Steve Rogers has been apart of a Skrull infiltration. I mean, that would basically change everything we know about the MCU. That’s why I don’t think this is the avenue.

Then I start thinking about Loki. Loki is in a situation where he clearly going to be messing up the timelines of the MCU. Is it possible that we can see some of this new timeline that Steve created when he decided to stay with Peggy? It would certainly keep Evans in a supporting role and it could be fun to see him and Hiddleston go back and forth. Again, I’m not entirely sure if this is the way to go but it feels warmer. We’re getting close, I can feel it.

The multiverse problem though… yeah, that seems right. Tomorrow’s Wandavision is going to jump-start Phase Four and the apparent problem that will ensue within the multiverse. Wouldn’t it make sense, especially with the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel, that the easiest avenue to see Steve Rogers again would be through an alternate dimension? It opens the doors to so many possibilities. Maybe we can see Hydra Cap and then somehow work him into the major villain of the much-rumored Secret Wars film? That would be insane and would allow Evans to do something entirely different with the role. Maybe through Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness, we’ll actually get to see Steve in his new Peggy wife themed timeline. Maybe that door is left ajar, so Cap can return when everything starts to fall apart within the multiverse. I’m here for it. I’m here for both these scenarios.

Obviously, the dream is to have a Disney+ series that explores Cap returning the Infinity Stones and settling down for some of that life Tony often spoke about. Who among us wouldn’t want to see that story played out. Like, what happens when Cap gets to Vormir and sees the Red Skull again?! That’s like going to work and seeing your job hired your ex and no one told you about it. Blindsided! I could watch a whole series on just that moment.

The fact of the matter is, Chris Evans has been very vocal and protective over the way things ended with Steve Rogers. He was satisfied with the closing of the arc which means Marvel must have approached him with a significant story idea that got him thinking about grabbing the shield again. And while a supporting role may sound like a bummer, think back to all the movies RDJ did under that same guise. Civil War. Spider-Man Homecoming. Infinity War. Endgame. If Evans could get a role like that, where he doesn’t have to carry the film but still resonates as the heart of the story, then man, I’m all in. Cause at this point it’s clear that Marvel Studios wants to get Chris Evans back whatever it takes and that he’s willing to do this all day.

What do you think Geeklings? Are you excited for Chris Evans to possibly return as Captain America? What would you like to see out of his return? Sound off in the comments below with your thoughts, theories, and general excitement. If you’d like to further talk about the return of Captain America, you can find me on Twitter @iamgeek32. The MCU officially comes back tomorrow and this announcement is like the icing on the Captain America Shield shaped cake. 

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