Heading Toward the End of 2021

Geeklings, can you believe the end of the year is upon us? Seriously, 2021 is only a few weeks away from becoming 2022 which is strange considering that 2020 and 2021 feel like one jumbo year where everything kind of snowballed and accumulated, and just when you were acclimating, BOOM, something new and awful happens and we fall further and further down the rabbit hole … Continue reading Heading Toward the End of 2021

The Joys of Powering Down

Heading into a two-week vacation, one gets certain expectations, Han Solo might have described them as delusions of grandeur. Besides all of the non-working, there are a ton of things one wants to get done for themselves. Whether it’s cleaning the house or seeing friends or maybe reading a book, every vacation comes with a plan and then vacation hits and that plan goes out … Continue reading The Joys of Powering Down