Difficulties In Reading Dated Source Material

I’m the type of person when watching a trailer for something that looks especially tasty and I find out that there’s a book/comic attached it means nothing else can happen until I read the source material. I feel like I owe it to the author to consume the story how it was initially created. Sure, this all feeds into my OCD problems, like how my … Continue reading Difficulties In Reading Dated Source Material

The Gift of Jordan Peele’s Us

Is there such a thing as being crushed by the need to write something yet not entirely knowing what that something is? If that’s the case then I’ve been carrying that weight since Sunday night. No exaggeration. One of the rewards of running your own website is that it gives you the platform to talk about the things you want to discuss. Sometimes it draws … Continue reading The Gift of Jordan Peele’s Us

The Adorable Creature Goes To Scranton Part 1

Part of making a relationship successful is the ability to share. You can share all types of things too; stories, experiences, food, or maybe even television shows. One of my favorite things when it comes to binge-watching is my ability to watch with the Adorable Creature. Sure, I’ve watched a number of shows on my own, and enjoyed those experiences, but being able to share reactions … Continue reading The Adorable Creature Goes To Scranton Part 1

Book Shelf- Reading Before The Movie Comes Out

Geeklings, I am up against the clock. I’ve got about three days to read 150 pages. I know that doesn’t sound that stressful, or difficult, and it really isn’t but I’m up against the clock here. Granted, it’s completely a self-inflicted clock that has no real pressure outside of self-inflicted pressure, but it’s a clock none the less. If you recall in yesterdays super lame Week In Geek I mentioned … Continue reading Book Shelf- Reading Before The Movie Comes Out

Lighting Those Creative Fuses

Geeklings, I saw Logan last night. I kind of want that to sound dramatic and carry weight. Not to be funny or over dramatic but because I think that statement should hold a certain amount of gravity to it. Here, let me try again. Geeklings, I (pauses and gulps)…I saw Logan last night (sighs and nods his head at nothing in particular). There, that seems a little more appropriate. … Continue reading Lighting Those Creative Fuses

Book Shelf: When You Know

Geeklings, you ever pick up a book and just get that feeling? That feeling that what you’re about to read is going to be all types of good? The beginning of any book is like the start of most relationships. There should be passion and something that grabs you (appropriately though. Don’t be getting all grabby without permission). Think of the start of a book … Continue reading Book Shelf: When You Know