The I Am Geek Book Club

February has not been a good reading month for me Geeklings. At all. As a matter of fact I’m struggling a little bit. Back when the month started I thought I had picked the perfect book for myself. You see, the problem I have is there are too many books on Gandalf the Kindle waiting to be read, and if I don’t have a book lined up in time I have to go fishing for one. Which means I have to weigh the merits of the books I purchased, probably while they were dirt cheap and on sale, in order to find the right book to be reading at that current moment. The whole process takes like a day or two. There’s some Googling, review/comment readings, and I talk myself out of at least two books before settling down on my choice. Sound exhausting? That’s because it is. This is why I try to have books lined up ahead of time. Right when I reach the 75% mark of whatever I’m reading (most likely even sooner) I select my next book so I don’t have problems like this.

I think all of this is besides the point though because I did my research and ultimately just chose a book at random to start the month, and here I am on February 12th and I just reached the half way point. That’s a lie, as of yesterday I was only 49% through. This book is never ending and what has been so upsetting is that when I started it I was like, “oh yes this is the right book”. It has not been the right book at all. For those wondering I’m reading Fellside by M R Carey. I’m not going to go into a book review, that’s what the end of the month write up is for, but I am going to say that this story does not flow well at all, and now we’re half way through February and I feel behind in my reading schedule. I want to move on with my life but I feel moving on from this book now makes the whole month a waste. Sigh


This isn’t the real reason why I’m here today though, it’s part of the reason but not the full reason. Don’t get me wrong, it felt great to complain about this book but I have a whole different book related agenda to share with you guys today. While I’ve been struggling through this novel, and not having anyone else to experience this struggle with me, I started to have the inklings of an idea. A plan. A suggestion. Which I’m not about to share with you.

What do you guys think of having an I Am Geek book club? We can pick one book a month to read and discuss here at I Am Geek. Because reading is so much more fun when you have people to share it with. Hear the views of others and share your crazy theories while breaking down favorite moments and comparing to other books (yes I did just describe what a book club was to you guys). On paper it sounds excellent, doesn’t it? Doing a book club on line though seems a bit tricky but we can do it… I think.

We start the book at the start of the month, which would be March, and we have three weeks to finish it. After the three weeks are up I’ll give you guys a couple of days to submit questions, theories, or thoughts through the I Am Geek Faceyspace page. Once all those are received I’ll post a column as a round table reaction to the book.

What do you think? Can it work? Are you guys a little interested. I would love to hear your feedback on this one so you’re going to need to use the comments below or the comments on the Faceyspace page (which you can find here). The idea is to start the first day of March which means the sooner you guys display interest, the sooner we can select a book. So, let me know please and thank you.

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