Week In Geek- The World Gets John Oliver and Zombies Back and Evil Captain America Comes To Light

Geeklings, as soon as I hit publish on our Week In Geek last week I kind of just face palmed myself. There were tons of things I had left off. Like tons. Well, maybe not tons but there were at least two very important items that rode the bench when they should have been front and center. I actually thought about making a second Week In Geek but ultimately decided not to. Not so much out of laziness but mostly because I want to keep it a once a week thing, and it gave me some spots for this week. I’m so clever.

You see Geeklings, it’s all about staying ahead of the game and instead of struggling this week to fill in spots I had two just waiting in the wings. Which puts me ahead of the curve, and being ahead of the curve on a Monday is a great way to start the week. Another great way to start the week is coming to I Am Geek for a brand new dose of Week In Geek. Seriously, these transitions are effortless Geeklings. Bow before my greatness or just read this list and ignore the weirdo behind the keyboard.

5cac6e33a11c4c52cc582730a7f745fe1. Walking Dead Returns- This was one of the bigger omissions from last week. I totally forgot. In my defense when I sit to write the Week In Geek, I’m usually a little tired from dealing with Monday and may or may not be on top of my thinking game. That’s why I make lists to remind myself of the awesome things to be included on the list. Granted, I didn’t write down a list last week which is why this happened. Needless to say the return of The Walking Dead still deserves to be celebrated. Season Seven has been some of the shows best story telling to date and I would argue that Negan is the best thing to happen to the show…ever. Yes, even more so then Daryl and his soul absorbing eyes. With football season now over (*sigh*) the world needs the Walking Dead more than ever. I also have thoughts about last nights return and you can find those thoughts here on Fan Fest News. Shameless self promotion complete.

Image result for john oliver season 42. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver– You know what else the world needs, the voice of John Oliver. There is no denying that the political climate of the world, and most likely your Faceyspace feed, is a bit hostile at best. I’m aware that there is a large portion of the country that may not agree with Oliver’s way of thinking, but I’m not one of them and find his voice to be not only important but poignant. For those of you who have never watched, he doesn’t spend every episode bashing Trump, there are some pretty incredible stories being discussed here that you might not find elsewhere (Iraqi translators and Evangelists are two that immediately come to mind). For a comedy news show you might not only learn somethings (and Oliver does try to offer both sides of the equation) but you also might have some feels. With Oliver you’re reminded that it’s okay to laugh, but also important to be aware.

Image result for marvel secret empire3. Marvel Secret Empire– It has almost been a year since Marvel revealed that Captain America (yes that Captain America) as a sleeper agent for Hydra. And it hurt. It hurt real bad. Something that started off as kind of ridiculous has now turned into Marvel’s most compelling current story line. Ever since we learned of Caps Hydra roots he’s been manipulating the Marvel universe at every turn, and it’s time for those actions to come to the light of day. Secret Invasion, which will be released in April and could possibly birth Captain America as the biggest villain in Marvel history. Nick Spencer has been killing it on this run and fully expect this event to be leagues better than Civil War II (which was kind of like a Dutch oven of comic book events). Can Cap be saved or are we leading up to the destruction of Steve Rogers? I don’t have a freakin’ clue but can’t wait to start reading. And who else is working with him? There has to be other Hydra agents too, right?

4. Avengers: Infinity Wars– The MCU has been building and building to this moment for years and it’s finally coming to light. Last week, or maybe the week before, production on Avengers: Infinity Wars started and it looks all types of epic. How do I know? Well Marvel released this three minute production trailer (yes, we live in a world where the start of production gets a trailer. Isn’t it glorious?!) and it looks, well, epic. It seems that everyone who has ever had a Marvel movie (or appeared in one) will be in this film including Spider-Man, Thor, Captain Marvel, and Iron Man thus making this an orgy of awesome. But the thing I’m looking the most forward to is the inclusion of the Guardians of the Galaxy with the rest of Earth’s heroes. That’s going to be the moment. I might even tear up. I might be tearing up now just thinking about it. You’ll never know!

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