Geeking Out: Best of 2015

4. The Flash


Ooooooooooh kids was I not ready for how good The Flash was going to be. Honest truth I didn’t have a whole lot of interest in watching. I became an Arrow fan late in the game, and when it was time for the first crossover between Arrow and Flash I wasn’t overly impressed with what I saw. There was a lighter tone, which I generally don’t mind but I was so used to the Batman like darkness that was Arrow that it seemed out of place, and it also came across a bit campy. Again not that I mind campy at all, but it just wasn’t what I was looking for at the time. I stuck with the mediocre season three of Arrow, enjoyed when Barry Allen would show up, and thought nothing more of it.

Then the summer came. I for one love the summer for binge watching purposes. Yes I like it for beaches, BBQs, and flip flops but I generally use the summer nights after work to binge watch one or two new things and re-watch something beloved.  Going into this summer I pretty much went blind watching five seasons worth of Archer, and can we just for a second talk about how hysterical that show is? I mean holy shit snacks did I dig that. Okay back to the point here. Despite the fact that I thought the one episode of The Flash I had watched was “meh”, without seeing any thing before or after that episode, I  had heard some pretty tremendous praise from friends. Everyone I seemed to speak with that had watched looooooooooved it, and in some cases even more than Arrow. I had heard the CW would be replaying the entire first season from start to finish, and with nothing to lose I set the ole DVR up to start recording. Then I did what any person excited about a show would do… I waited about five weeks before I sat down and started. I can’t explain what took me so long. I knew it was recording, I knew that it was there, but there was no real pressing matter for me to get into it.

When the day came for me to finally sit down and start watching I was mostly unprepared, and also kind of bored and listless. The pilot episode was good, not change the world good, but I was entertained and was willing to stick around for at least three episodes. You see I have a general rule when it comes to watching shows, if you don’t hook me in the first three episodes I doubt it’s going to happen. I’m not going to waste my time when I could be binge watching better things. Looking at you Supergirl. By the third episode I would say I was kind of hooked, the humor was good, the cast had great chemistry, the action was fast paced (see what I did there? Fast paced. Because he’s the Flash. Nailed it.). By episode six I realized that I had a small problem on my hand. I couldn’t wait weekly to watch this show because it was killing me, and it wouldn’t be available to Netflix until after season two premiered. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand then I watched episode nine, The Man in the Yellow Suit, which made the situation even more pressing. I knew what had to be done. I needed to buy the entire season and watch it on my AppleTv, but not in HD, I was going to save that dollar an episode. That’ll show you Apple.

The cost didn’t matter because that show could be in below standard def and would still be freakin’ amazing. I couldn’t believe that I had not gotten on The Flash train immediately because it was not only the super hero show I wanted but the one I deserved. There was a heart and soul that ran through the center of The Flash that was hard to miss, and provided such unexpected feels. The loss of Barry’s mother and his need to overcome it, and avenge her death, were the underlining themes here. Barry’s lack of mother lead to three different father figures with three different emotional attachments. Not to mention a villain, who despite his actions, you couldn’t help but kind of love and hope that he wasn’t as bad as it seemed. By the time the finale hits I was both heartbroken and filled with glee. Our hero has to make some tremendously difficult choices, and in the end becomes the hero he was meant to be despite what it means to him personally.

While The Flash tackles subjects like time travel and metahumans, think mutants that were given powers by a science explosion, it does so in such an approachable way where even someone who isn’t familiar with these sci-fi tropes could pick up on it easily. The cast is fantastic and the way that everyone plays off of each other makes them all seem like a family unit. Plus the Cisco one liners, not to mention his t-shirts, some times steal the show. Come on people, who wouldn’t want a job where they give super villains their names? As a comic book nerd I loved all the easter eggs and shout outs to other DC properties. Keep your eye out for Wayne Tech and just about everything in Barry’s vision as he goes through the Speed Force. More or less The Flash had it all.

The Flash proved that just because it was a super hero show it didn’t mean it couldn’t have heart. I have very little shame in admitting it got the water works going on a few occasions, and got me damn near sobbing at the finale. A show that was able to have stand alone episodes that still tied into the greater season story with ease. The Flash is filled with feels and super hero goodness, and as the summer of The Flash came to close I couldn’t help but think one thing. I’m sorry I ever doubted it.

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