Civil War(s) Are A Coming

Let’s take a trip back in time, shall we. The year is 2006. I am two years removed from college, working a job that seems to have promise, and currently in a relationship where the word volatile seemed like an understatement. The world around me saw the introduction of Paris Hilton perfume, countless Borat impressions, snakes being welcomed passengers on planes, and I’m pretty sure OJ wrote a book in which he claimed he wasn’t a murderer buuuuuuut if he was this would have been how he did. So yeah an autobiography.

civil-war-1-coverFor this particular trip back in time let’s focus on a random day during a random month, mostly because I can’t remember, where our hero (me) finds himself without his batshit girlfriend and in a Blockbuster. For those of you who may be reading this and not know what a Blockbuster is (1) you make me feel old and (2) picture the Red Box thing in front of 7-11 but a whole store of movies to be rented. Aces, right? I would go to Blockbuster all the time, especially if I was bored or just wanted to disappear for a bit. During this journey I randomly picked up an issue of Rolling Stone and started flipping through it. It was here that I discovered that Marvel would be publishing a story event that summer where heroes would be battling heroes. The name of this event was perfect. Civil War.

Truth be told I hadn’t read a comic book in years. The closest I had come was my senior year in college where I started reading a manga series, called Berserk, because I really dug the anime. Outside of that nothing. The thing of it though was super heroes were such a large part of my childhood and therefore were a large part of my DNA. Just because I hadn’t read a comic book in years it didn’t mean that I had lost any interest in the subject matter. In other words I had been suppressing my inner geek, and this Rolling Stone blurb poked the first hole in the foundation bringing us here to the very comfortable, confident, geek sitting at this keyboard.

So when the first issue of Civil War came out I was there, and I was stoked. A book that took a pretty interesting subject matter, how super heroes need to be held accountable for their actions, both good and bad, and should be registered entities of the government. Naturally this divides our heroes (people the name of the series is Civil War how did you not see that coming) with one side being lead by Iron Man and the other Captain America. 2006 Kevin ate. This. Shit. Up. From that moment on I was back into the comic book culture in a huge way. Like picture there’s a door, right? A steady, wood, reliable door. Then out of no where some one just kicks it in. Wood splinters every where and the door more or less just disintegrates on impact. Yeah. That.

Since then the Civil War story line holds a special place in my heart. I actually re-read it last year for the first time since it’s release, and it was a very nostalgic feeling. I couldn’t help but think, man, these eight issues re-introduced me to something I love, and have cost me soooooooo much money in comic books. It’s been ten years since the series was released and my comic book pull list is so much more then just super heroes. I am now an appreciator of the comic book culture, and I love it.

Now let us return to 2016. A world with a billion dollar Power Ball drawing in its future, and more importantly (at least for the existence for this website) multiple Civil War‘s on the horizon. Let’s start with the obvious, and most exciting of them. That being the third Captain America, which will be basing itself on the 2006 Civil War story line. Have you guys seen this trailer yet? I’m hoping yes, but for those of you who haven’t. Here please watch.

I may or may not have wept after watching this. In my defense it was like two in the morning, I had fallen asleep in my chair, and was transitioning to my bed. It would be safe to say I was a little tired, but if I’m being honest with you fine people the weeping was because of how freakin’ awesome this movie looks. Like legit. I always have this fear when something I love is being adapted into a movie or television show. It’s that please don’t screw this up feeling. Now I know that it won’t be exactly like the comic series because they have to make it fit the MCU and there are just some things that aren’t at their disposal (looking at you Fantastic Four), but I think enough ground work has been put in to make this story resonate. From what I understand they are using the events of Age of Ultron to be the catalyst for the Super Hero Registration form. Which already is a huge switch from the comics as it was an explosion of an elementary school that brought about the new law (yeah… comic didn’t hold any punches).

While the Avengers movies have been a celebration of everything the MCU has been able to achieve, I think it’s safe to say that the Captain America movies are its shining beacon of awesomeness (that and Guardians of the Galaxy. Actually if I’m ranking the MCU movies I go Guardians and then Winter Solider as a close second. But that’s besides the point).  With the Russo Brothers at the helm (Winter Solider was so good that it not only got them the Civil War gig but also the next two Avengers movies) there is very little doubt that Captain America: Civil War is going to live up to the hype. And if you don’t believe me go ask DC because Batman vs Superman was supposed to be released on the same day as Civil War, and they wussed out and moved to March. They know what’s up.

marvel10n-5-webWith the movie only a few months away Marvel has already began to set up their big summer event in comics based on the events of the MCU. This happens very often between the comics and the movies. If a particular villain is showing up in a movie it’s safe to expect to see them pop up in the comic leading up to the movie’s release. Again this is with the belief that you’re not the Fantastic Four, as Marvel will cancel your book before your crappy movie is released. Marvel knows that they something huge here with Civil War, and a month ago announced that they would be doing Civil War II as their big event comic for the year. This has me a bit less excited.

Don’t get me wrong, the Civil War comic series changed the landscape of the Marvel universe in a huge way and it was awesome. But I’m a little hesitant to get behind the sequel. For starters last years big Marvel event was Secret Wars which also happened to be an event comic from the 80’s. While the ideas were a bit different the principal was kind of the same. So from a creative stand point it’s kind of a bummer seeing Marvel re-hash some old story lines instead of doing something new. Plus take into account how drastically the Marvel landscape has changed because of Secret Wars. Does it really need another face lift so soon?

There are things though that I do like. Brian Michael Bendis will be at the helm, and I’m not a Bendis hater. Pretty much everything he’s done on Miles Morales’s book has been fantastic, I was a big fan of his Avenger work, and I enjoy what he’s doing with Guardians of the Galaxy. From the start Marvel has given one of their biggest writers the pen, and that’s comforting. Although as a side note Bendis’s last few event comics, Ultimate End and Age of Ultron, were panned pretty heavily. That could be a bit alarming. See what I mean?! I’m actively trying to psych myself out of being excited for this.

I believe the premise for Civil War II has something to do with a character showing up who can show the future. This character predicts that a Marvel hero will be the reason for some horrible event, and a debate will be opened on what should be done to this mystery hero. That’s when the battle lines get drawn because someone takes it upon themselves to kill this hero. Boom! Civil War II.

The details are vague but the premise sounds interesting enough despite how much we know that death in comic books means absolute nothing (unless your Uncle Ben or Gwen Stacy… sorry guys but you dead forever). I think I would be more excited for this title if they called it anything but Civil War. Maybe something like Minority Report would be better. My fear is if the book blows it could tarnish the original. But maybe it’s a smoke screen. Maybe the movie will be good enough to protect the original. That’s my hope any way. And who knows. Civil War II could end up being really good. Either way 2016 sees Marvel going to war, and no matter the outcome, we’re the real winners here.

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