My Week In Geek 1/11/16

It’s Monday and that means it’s time to break down the upcoming week with all it’s geeky highlights. Last week I kind of stumbled upon this column and I liked it enough to make it a constant feature here. This week happens to be very comic heavy. So with out further delay…

Secret_Wars_9_Cover-696x10571. Secret Wars #9 (finale) This issue is long over due. Let’s do this.

All-New-All-Different-Avengers-1-Asrar-Variant-59fdf2. All New All Different Avengers #3

Brooklyn-Nine-Nine-Logo13. Brooklyn 9-9 (probably the funniest show on TV you’re not watching)

colony_castkeyart4. Colony (Aliens and one of the co-creators of LOST…yes please)

1280x7205. David Bowie- It has been nothing but David Bowie music going through my ipod since I read of his passing last night. A true genius and brilliant artist, who brought rock n roll in the most bizarrely unique ways imaginable. This week will have Ziggy Startdust for days.

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