Secret Wars # 9


Spoilers ahead so you know the drill. Be careful if you haven’t read it yet…

At long last the conclusion to Jonthan Hickman’s Secret War has arrived, and I think it was worth the wait. There was a lot to digest here, and we finally saw how the All New All Different Marvel universe was born. While the comics have been living in that new world for a few months, it didn’t make it any less spectacular seeing it created.

SecretWars8Image4What I was looking forward to the most was how this was going to end up for Dr. Doom. Living the last eight years as a God, it seemed that Doom had made himself more or less indestructible. Outside of Steven Strange there was no one to really challenge his lordship. Doom had legit power and rule over this new world, and if there were any  further questions about this please reference his Mortal Kombat killing of Thanos. This issue picks up right where we left off with the battle of Black Panther and Doom. I did like the tease here as we were made to believe that this was going to be the main confrontation when in fact it was your classic rope-a-dope scenario.”Hey Doom battle this guy with the Infinity Gauntlet while we undo everything you built.” Classic good guy.

By the time that Doom figures this out it’s more or less too late. This entire series has been building to the meeting of Reed Richards and Doom, and in that regard it did not disappoint. While Doom built this world in his own vision, it was pretty clear that he was unable to shake the shadow of Richards. Come on, he married his wife, took in his children, more or less making him a dream patient of any therapist. Richards being the super smarty that he is calls Doom out on this, and even gets Doom to admit some pretty heavy stuff. Richards knows he could have done a better job creating the universe than our villain, and during their battle Doom admits this in a fit of rage. Like straight up “I knoooooooooooooow you would damn it. Arrrrrrggggggghhhhh”.

This confession prompts the Molecule Man, yes the Molecule Man, to straight up destroy Doom. There is a lot going on in this series and I’m not going to pretend that I understood it all. From what I gathered the Molecule Man was like the nuclear reactor to this new world that Doom had created. Upon hearing that a better world could be created, Molecule Man dispenses of this would be God in the hopes that something new could come out of the ashes (your nose bleeding yet?). I wasn’t fully satisfied with this conclusion, but it made sense in the same way that a man could be a nuclear reactor for an entire world. So I rolled with it.

Upon Doom’s destruction it appears that the Black Panther uses his Infinity Gauntlet to create our new Marvel universe, which I believe is being called the Prime World or something to that effect. Again confusing stuff. Now we see how the All New All Different Marvel was created. Like most crazy nuclear reactor people do, Molecule Man, seems to grant wishes to some major characters. Maybe not wishes but more like giving back to the little guy. Miles Morales, who I thought was going to have a bigger role in this series, was rewarded for the hamburger he gave up, with the resurrection of his mother. Which was one of my hang ups with the Ultimate End. The death of Miles’s mom was such a key part to this character and I felt that her return was kind of lame. At least here we get the explanation and it makes it a little bit better. Although this is one of those time will tell situations. We won’t know for sure until Miles’s book comes out in February.

One of the other “wishes” granted was Reed Richards was given his family back alive and the ability to create the universe that would trump Doom’s. I’m talking like a legit universe here. By using slivers of the Molecule Man, cause apparently that’s something you could do, Reed made tons of planets and shot them off into the universe. Then rode off into the sunset with the Fantastic family.  This explains why Reed and Sue are missing from all current Marvel books, and helps give some respect to the Fantastic Four which has been a franchise that’s been a tad bit crapped on lately.

All and all the book was solid and held the tension that it had built towards. I question the last image of Doom, now alive, taking off his mask and finding his face normal again. I know this shows that Richards is the bigger person here in allowing Doom to live, but I also kind of feel it’s almost a reward for being dick. “Nice try with the whole God thing. Could’ve been worse. I took away your scars, why not try and be a descent human.” Curious to see where that goes.

Secret Wars is all wrapped up. The new Marvel universe exists just in time to get ourselves ready for Civil War II this summer. We build it up only to tear it back down.

Final Verdict: 8.4 out of 10 

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