Happiness Is…A Picture of Fictional Characters


I think it’s safe to say that for centuries people have searched for the answer to what is happiness. Think about it, is it even possible for us to specifically say what happiness is? Of course not because what makes you happy could have no effect on the person sitting next to you. Happiness is in the eye of the beholder, and part of what makes individualism so wonderful. Maybe happiness is like pornography. I don’t know it until I see it. Hell, for some of you (not saying any names but you know who you are) maybe happiness is pornography. Whatever floats your boat.

For me there are great number of things that make me happy. For example today is Wednesday which means it’s comic book day. That makes me happy. Finding out my Marvel Collector Corps box was delivered today. That makes me happy. Coming home from work and being greeted at the door by Hudson the Cat. That makes me happy. There is a endless list of things that make me happy throughout the day, from start to finish. Out of all those things though the release of this picture of the Guardians of the Galaxy characters getting ready to start filming Vol. 2 made me the happiest.

The first Guardians of the Galaxy movie is my favorite of all the Marvel movies. I fell in love with it instantly and since then have to force myself to take it out of my movie rotation so I don’t play it out. I’ll go a week or two where it’s all I’m watching and then just stop cold turkey, and not touch it again for a couple of months. Every time I watch it I come away with this feeling of peer joy resting in the middle of my chest like the movie is made specifically for my eyes only. Not a month goes by where I don’t listen to the soundtrack, Awesome Mix Vol. 1, to recapture those joyful moments while driving or dancing about my apartment.

The release of this image was enough to get me to make one of those “eeeeeeeeee” like noises out loud while at work. Not in front of co-workers mind you. I was re-filling my water bottle when I saw it. Doesn’t matter. The image is so simplistic in it’s nature but it’s the first time we’ve seen these characters since the movie ended (unless you read the comics like I do, and in that case you get to see them monthly). Just being able to see their silhouettes is enough for me. It’s the perfect kind of teaser image. The whole group is there in one of those Kill Bill style slow motion walks, that’s how I picture it, letting us know that they’ll be back sooner rather than later.

Plus did you guys see Groot? He’s so tiny!! I love it and already can not wait to own the tiny child size Groot Pop Vinyl. Also if you look closely he’s holding on to Drax’s ear which could very well be the most adorable thing ever. Although I would have been all for him sitting on Rocket’s shoulder for a bit of role reversal. Nah! I prefer him holding on to Drax’s ear.

While we still have a whole year to wait before the movie is released, I’m hopeful that come November there will be a teaser trailer before Dr. Strange. Until then I’m all for these teaser images that keep surfacing. Helps build the anticipation.

So if you were to ask me today what is happiness… I would tell you it’s this picture from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Cause it’s true. It just makes me happy.

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