Week In Geek 3/7/16

My fellow Geeklings it has been a long day. Yet that won’t keep me from sharing this weeks Week In Geek column. Come have a look see shall you?

portrait_incredibleMs._Marvel_Vol_4_5_TextlessGuardians_of_the_Galaxy_6_Cover1. Comics On Comics On Comics- My pull list is quite full this week much to my geeky enjoyment but to the dismay of my wallet. For serious, reading comic books is not a cheap hobby folks. Tons of good books to be reading this week from Guardians to the Galaxy and Ms. Marvel to Injustice to Spider-Man. Lots to look forward to and I’m slowly starting to catch up on some books so I no longer feel like I’m super behind. Yay me!

10_Cloverfield_Lane2. 10 Cloverfield Lane– I don’t know about the rest of you guys but I’m starting to feel pretty excited about this. That’s not entirely true. I was pretty much instantly excited about this movie once I saw the first teaser trailer. Unlike a lot of people I talk to, I’m a big fan of Cloverfield. I rather enjoy found footage movies and the viral marketing for the film was pretty tremendous. Come on don’t kid yourselves. Who wasn’t hyped seeing the head of the Statue of Liberty roll through a NYC street? I’m not entirely sure what to expect here or how closely it ties in to the first movie. I am expecting to see a monster at some point. And let’s be honest, there’s a serious lack of monster movies out there. I say don’t take it too seriously and have yourself a little bit of fun.

Captain-America-Civil-War-TEAMCAP-Character-Posters3. Captain America: Civil War character posters- Not a whole lot to write about here but it seems that marketing for the Civil War movie is starting to kick into high gear. I’m beyond excited for this one folks, and the release of the Team Cap character posters is pretty cool. I expect tomorrow or in the next few days to see the Team Stark posters. The division lines are here now we have to wait and see where Spider-Man falls. Can’t they just give us a glimpse? Please?

04-walking-dead.w529.h3524. Walking Dead– I know I wrote a pretty lengthy piece about the Walking Dead yesterday but that was before I saw last nights episode. This B season has been firing on all cylinders and I’m loving how blurred the lines are becoming. Are our heroes still the good guys or is there no such thing as a good guy in this universe? Not to mention we’re building to something (and I know what with my comic book knowledge), and the payoff should be tremendous. I keep waiting for that filler episode to drop but so far the Walking Dead isn’t looking to slow down at all.

51p6pezyuxL._AC_UL320_SR200,320_5. Written In Fire by Marcus Sakey- Around three years ago I found a book series called the Brilliant Trilogy which is more or less the X-Men meets a Jack Reacher type book. The books were the equivalent of pop corn movies but I found them enjoyable enough to want to know how things end up for these characters. Started the third and final book today and once that’s done it’s on to the Goblet of Fire. What what.

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