Did You Say New Game of Thrones Trailer?!


Today appeared to be a slow news day so initially I was thinking about writing a piece about the upcoming book releases in May. I know May is like two months away but I was surfing through my Amazon Kindle wishlist and noticed there are some badass books coming our way in May. Would it have been a post to change the world? No probably not but it would’ve be something. As I was formulating openings and what direction I wanted to take the piece something miraculous happened. The Geek Gods turned to me and said “Kevin… you shall write about this today”. As it is said so shall it be done (does that even make sense?)

Game of Thrones season six trailer?!?!? Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!?!

I know I’m on record saying that I’m torn about this season of Game of Thrones. The book purist in me wants to wait but the TV purist in me thinks the book purist is crazy. There almost seems like some perverse freedom to watching season six. The show is no longer anchored to the books and anything can happen so the surprise element will be legit. Seeing the trailer dropped literally had my inner dialogue battling for less then three seconds as I hit play. At this point it’s safe to assume the book purist doesn’t stand a chance.

Becareful going forward Geeklings there be Spoilers ahead.

My first observation is why this song? I’ve been singing the Chris Isaak version since I’ve watched the trailer, and no I’m not happy about it. The second observation is man, they really want us to believe Jon Snow is dead don’t they? The trailer even opens up with the line “he’s gone”. I’m still not buying it Geeklings. There’s no way Jon Snow is dead dead. Maybe for a little bit dead, but not dead dead. Did anyone else notice how there looked like there was a scene where Ghost was sitting on the corpse of Jon Snow? Insert heart break here. Also the Onion Knight holding the bastard sword was a pretty cool moment, and I suspect he might have some involvement in the resurrection of Jon Snow.

Other stand outs from the trailer. Looks like Jamie and Cersei are getting a bit close again (hello ear biting attempt), and that disappoints me a bit. In the book it looked like Jamie was pulling away from his sister and was building towards him not only being independent but maybe fulfilling a certain prophecy (you know the one that says that Cersei’s brother will be the death of her. Spoiler alert I don’t think it’s Tyrion). And speaking of Tyrion there seemed to be very little of him in the trailer besides him wielding a torch and a voice over (no pun intended).

Look’s like Dany has found herself into some form of slavery which would be an ironic twist for the character. Is she marching to the Dothraki kingdom? That would be cool to see. Bet it’s a whole bunch of sex and murder. Who wouldn’t want to visit that place?

We caught glimpses of the Lady In Red doubting her religion, Cersei choosing violence, and my absolute favorite moment of the trailer… Bran. I have this thing when watching trailers, if there’s a moment that makes me gasp and/or giggle in pure fanboy delight then it’s a winner. The glimpse of Bran with the camera swirling around and the Night King behind him was that moment. Sealed the deal for me and I’m starting to believe the TV purist just locked up the book purist in some sort of closet. But come on look at it…


If this isn’t a shit just got real moment I don’t know what is. Be sure to look behind the Night King cause you can totally see another White Walker. This story line has yet to be explored in the books but has me the most excited. Ever since the “come at me bro” moment from season five, I’ve wanted more answers to who the Night King is and to watch him lead his army across the North. With this tease here are we lead to believe him and Bran are going to have a conversation? It has to be happening in Bran’s mind right? You know with that whole he can’t walk thing. Arrrggghhhh.

Guess we’ll have to wait until April but in the mean time I’m totally ordering a Night King pop vinyl and going home and re-watching episodes. Sorry Parks and Rec, you’re gonna have to wait.

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